Coffee Grinds

What to do with your Used Coffee Grinds?

I love coffee whether it’s from the coffee shop, canned, from a vendo machine, 3-in-one, coffee press or coffee filter! When you see my pantry, I might run out of rice but of coffee! Recently, I have been drinking coffee from the coffee press and every time I wash it, I feel that the used coffee grinds can be used more in different ways.

Here are some proven and tested ways to use your used coffee:

  1. Fertilize your plants

This is done by my partner every day when we still lived together. In his apartment, the soil is so fertile that when he throws seeds, without any effort, it will grow within 2-3 months! Or baka green thumb lang din siya no?

  1. Body or Foot Scrub

This is my favorite! I do this twice a week with my coffee grinds! Go to the shower with your used coffee grounds, wet your body and get an ample amount of it and scrub! My Moroccan friend believes that this scrub helps lessen the cellulites! I don’t have cellulites but believe me, it exfoliates and softens your skin just as same as the other branded scrub does!

  1. Facial Scrub

I just used this last time and it worked perfectly! I just counted 20 seconds to achieve the exfoliation, but never do more than 20 seconds because it can be too abrasive. I had an instant glow and I had to post it in Facebook so everyone can know a secret that is really cheap.

  1. Refrigerator Deodorizer

I am so lazy that I just put it in a jar, cover it with cling wrap, and poke holes using a toothpick. CHARAN! Instant deodorizer!

So always make sure to store your coffee grinds, you will never know who will need a scrub in your house! Hahaha.

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