Tips on bringing your kid to Kidzoona

Kidzoona is always a dream of mine. Yes! You heard it right, my dream! The child in me always wanted to test that big ball pit, that never ending role playing kiosks and their inflatable slides!

I was browsing Metrodeal, which I regularly visit during the wee hours of the night when the little one is sleeping to score for interesting deals, and I stumbled upon this promo of Kidzoona wherein you can have 3 hours of play for only Php280. You save Php120 pesos! The downsides are: first, when you chose the place, you cannot undo it (For example, if you choose Shangrila, you cannot use that voucher in Robinson). Second, you can only use it during weekdays, so if you are a working mom, probably it’s not the best deal for you.

The day has come. My little one woke up around 11am and I assumed that it’s the best day for him since when he wakes up late, he doesn’t take his nap and just sleep around 8pm. We had brunch and I brought baon. I always try my best to bring baon since we can’t tell how traffic it will be. We arrived at Kidzoona Shangrila around 12:30. The line was a bit long, when it was my turn, I had to go and get a form, (For Entrance Application). THIS IS A MUST that I did not know as a first timer. So Mommies,

TIP #1

Get that form first before falling in line and fill it up while in the line to make things faster (I like to be efficient always).

So I showed my E-voucher using my phone, they took it for line 1 minute just to copy the Voucher code, handed me the bottom part of the form that I filled out, written there is the time you went it, the time your time is done and gave me the assigned locker for our shoes, for the bags, they can rent out a locker with a padlock for Php 100.

TIP #2

You can kindly ask them to keep your bag in the counter with no additional fee. So we went in, there’s a bench where you can sit and take off your shoes. Beside it is the assigned place where to park your strollers. Here are the pictures and some videos of their respective areas as we went inside:

  1. Ball Pit

inside are inflatable slides, slide and some cubes where your kid can safely jump from one cube to another cube. Good thing is, there is an assigned Kidzoona Staff to tell you whether its age appropriate or not and another thing is, they really see to it that your baby is safe where there’s a dangerous place.  TIP #3 Be vigilant. I saw some kids that have coughs and colds, and every time I see them, I quickly take Inigo out of that place to avoid catching their virus.

  1. Toys Station

This is where the train table, doll house, xylophone, peg puzzle and different toys that can be manipulated by hands are placed. TIP #4 Bring out your alcohol spray and spray the things that your kid will touch. There’s no harm in being paranoid, especially knowing that kids touch everything.

  1. Excavator Station

Have this ride on excavator where the kid can operate, catch some balls and feel like real. TIP #5 Don’t bring your 2 year old kid here, they’re too small for this area and it’s dangerous since the handles are metal and accidents might happen while other kids go and play too.

  1. Role Playing Area

My favorite! But also, don’t forget to spray some alcohol before using it! My kid spent half of our time here. Inigo enjoyed shopping for vegetables and slicing it!

  1. Jumping Bed

Very sturdy thus safe for toddlers, even you can jump alongside! Just be careful of some kids that might bump and fall on your kid.

  1. Kinetic Sand Station

This is not for toddlers below 2 years old. I feel that the small particles can be inhaled accidentally, or am I just paranoid? Inigo just spent 2 minutes and never went back.

  1. Guardians Lounge

There are sofas and comfortable seats located in the middle so if some adults need to rest, they can stay there.

  1. Diaper Changing Area

I think this is perfect! They made the diaper-changing area in one side of the Kidzoona, beside the Toy Station and open. Why do I think it’s perfect? You know these toddlers, once they enjoy playing, they don’t want to go out right? This is perfect because you can change them without the drama or crying since their curious minds are observing the other kids!

Overall, our experience was very enjoyable one! But here are some considerations in mind;

  1. If you have a toddler aged 2 years old below, DO NOT GET THE 3 Hours. After 1:30 hours, Inigo already is tired and throwing tantrums. So just get 1 Hour. The 3 hours also, if you want to go out, the time is running, they won’t hold it for you. For instance, your time will end at 3;30 pm, if you go out around 2:30 and come back around 3:00 you will only have 30 minutes left and the time won’t be paused.
  2. Bring BAON. My baby was hungry after 1 hour. I gave him spoonfuls of rice with corned beef inside the Kidzoona. I don’t know if they allow it, but no one gave me a warning and I made sure that I leave no trace.
  3. Bring one set of baby’s clothes for changing as soon as you leave. Why? To avoid getting any virus.
  4. Spray alcohol, wipe face, and sanitize as soon as you get your kid out from the area.
  5. Leave as soon as the toddler shows some fuzziness to avoid overstimulation and pagod.

I did all these precautionary measures because I was afraid of my baby getting sick, and it worked! It’d been 3 days and he was clear!

Usually when I bring him to the play areas, he easily gets contaminated and I feel bad. So this time, I made sure he won’t get any sickness by being extra vigilant. No matter how sterilized/clean is the place, there are still a lot of carriers of virus.

Go ahead. Go to the nearest play area of your choice but don’t forget my advice so that your baby will not catch any virus afterwarsds!

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