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Teething Babies – Signs and Proven Remedies

Inigo was always a happy baby, he never cried for little things, but I saw that everytime there’s a new teeth coming out, he will really cry uncontrollably and throw himself at the floor.

Signs that Your Baby is Teething

  1. Drooling – though Inigo was a drooler from the start, his drool becomes more excessive 1 week before the teeth comes out.
  2. Excessive Sucking/Biting – our child’s gums become itchy when the new teeth decides to come out and the only way to feel relief is from biting or sucking ANYTHING.
  3. Rashes on The Chin – this is my ultimate sign of teething for Inigo, suddenly rashes will form around his mouth.
  4. Irritability – can’t seem to satirsfy your baby and keeps on crying? Yup. Teething is painful for them. Imagine your gums being cut into two just for the teeth to come up.
  5. No appetite – I usually take sudden refusal of food personally until around the third time of new teeth coming it. The pain from their teeth makes it uncomfortable to put anything inside their mouth and even eat it.
  6. Fever – I know everyone will disagree since it’s just a superstitious belief in our country. This did not happen quite oftenly with Inigo but last Christmas evening, He had a temperature of 38.1 and the following morning it was gone! Two days later, his incisors teeth came out. Want a reasonable explanation? The inflammation of the gums might be the culprit for the low grade fever.
  7. Runny Poop – This is not really coming up when you research in the google, but based from my experience and other mommy friends that I have, they swear that sometimes runny poop is caused by teething. A logical explanation for it is the excessive saliva that is produced, ends up in his gut and loosens his stool. Another one theory is that, the baby is prone to ingesting bacteria since they want everything to be inside their mouth

Remedies for Your Teething Baby

  1. Chilled Teether – I have lots of teether, I usually alternate them for Inigo not to get bored. Before giving it to him, I make sure I clean it, put it inside a ziplock, place it inside the refrigerator and give it to him chilled. He will enjoy biting It because the cooling effect numbs the gums.
  2. Breastmilk Popsicle – What’s the healthiest way to snack, add some calories and relieve from swollen gums? Breastmilk Popsicle is perfect for early tether’s out there since they can enjoy munching into these. If your baby is already 6 months and beyond, you can try pureeing fruits and make popsicles.
  3. Cold Damp Washcloth – Some babies like different textures put inside their mouth, some teethers cant access the smallest and narrowest parts of their mouth, this will come handy. Wash the cloth with distilled water until damp, seal inside a ziplock and give when it’s chilled. Your baby will love it!
  4. Camilla Drops – This is proven effective in my case. This is homeopathic medicine which means a natural way approach of treating pain. This is quite expensive but I give my baby these atleast 3 times a day and never heard him crying unlike before.
  5. Bonjela Teething Gel Fast Acting – this is safe for 4 months and above. Sugarfree, colourfree and fast acting! It contains Choline Salicylate 87mg/g and it acts as an inflammatory pain reliever agent next to aspirin, it is used to decrease swelling and to treat mild to moderate pain. If you want to give it a try, click here.

Bonjela Teething Gel Sugar Free 15g

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