Work From Home

Ways to Earn at Home while being a Full Time Mother

 Everyone is asking me,

if I ever miss working and earning my own money, and honestly, it was one of my demons that I constantly battled within myself and Even thought of Doing Work From Home gigs. I always think that I am lucky that my partner is a good provider and thinking of the traffic, commute, stress and leaving Inigo to a yaya, I don’t see myself working anytime soon.

That doesn’t stop me from wanting to earn for myself. My partner always told me that this is my season to enjoy being a mother and when the right time comes, I can always find a job or do whatever I want. I am a stubborn person and I can’t just rest my mind that I am not doing anything to help MYSELF. Yes, help myself to grow, to learn, to mature and to help a little bit in our family.

            So for the mommies out there that want’s to earn without leaving the house ( Work From Home), here are some proven ways that I personally did and doing whilst being a mother to my superhero spiderman Inigo (yes, he calls himself Spiderman nowadays)

  1. GCASH Load

Have you heard about GCASH? I love this app so much aside from making things easier by letting you transfer money to 20 banks for free, they also offer LOAD. You can load to any NETWORK and earn a REBATE. If you send load to Globe Prepaid, they’ll give you 5%. For example, send Php 100, they will give you back Php 5.00. It’s not much, but atleast you are earning using your fingertips!


This is not for everyone, but if you are a longtime user like I do, they will offer this to you. This is better than putting your money in bank because they offer 4%, compared to other banks that only offer 1-2%. The best part? You can invest as low as Php 50 without leaving the house! Everytime I send load to my loved ones and friends, I kept the change and started investing here. I started last March 22, 2019and my total investment was Php 2,210.87 and as of June 13, 2019, my total value is Php 2,229.19. So my money earned 18.32, not bad considering that I only put extra every week. No hassle investing.

  1. Sell preloved things

This is my favorite way of earning money. Why? Because I see the preloved value of things, I really try to take care more of the things around me. Usually, I sell preloved of my son and one time, while disposing Melissa and Doug items, I got 9,000 in 3 transactions! I was so happy because Inigo enjoyed it and now that he has outgrown it, we can still sell it and buy him new things! This cycle never ends. Just join buy and sell groups, sell in instragram, carousell and Facebook Marketplace!

  1. Bake and Sell Goods

I never imagined myself baking but one day, TESDA offered a free course and grabbed it! From then on, I started baing and experimenting and last Dec 2018, when I was still in Cotabato, my family was very supportive and they chose to use my banana loaves as their Christmas giveaways and I earned a lot and saved it all in my son’s trust fund account. Until now that I am in Manila, my bestfriend sells it for me. Do not be shy to ask people around, they are more willing since support local is being promoted nowadays.

  1. Buy and Sell

Rene, my partner lives in Australia and loves to look for cheap but effective product, thus BAKING MOTHERHOOD SHOP is born. These are the tried and tested items that we use as a family and it really brings more money than all of the things that I have told you. I suggest that you find things that are affordable where your family is staying and start a small online business! I am still trying to set up shopee as of the moment, but I think Shopee doesn’t like me. So anyone who wants to resell my items, let’s talk! I’ll give you discounts and let’s collaborate and maybe this just might be your key to Work From Home

I hope that I inspired you to earn money while staying at home. It’s hard but its really satisfying and ADDICTING. No matter how small the amount is, it still money right? It’s still the accomplishment of selling and helping a little to your family that matters!