House Helper

When your House Helper Leaves Unexpectedly

When your House Helper leaves, do not feel that you done something wrong or you weren’t enough. It’s not about how you treated them that made them decide to leave, because for sure, just like me, you treated them like a family and cared for them as much as I do.

When your House Helper leaves, do not take it personally. They usually come and go. They have this mentality that they can leave you and when they want to be back to your arms, you will welcome them. If you do not welcome them, they know that they can easily get another job that will compensate them as much as we do or even more.

When your House Helper leaves, do not lose hope. As much as we need help and as much as we wanted to trust them that they would be there for us as much as we were there for them, you cannot expect that it would be the same way. We were brought up differently, so we can not expect them to value us the way as we value them

When your House Helper leaves, do not lose your kindness. We usually think that we gave too much and we were too lenient that’s why it happened to us, but I believe that doing good continuously will bring more to us than being too unkind. Let’s not bring the bad memories to our new phase in life. If it happened this time, we are not sure if it’s going to happen again in the future whether we show kindness or we show indifference, since we will not gain anything showing indifference towards anybody, let’s just plant kindness along the way.

When your House Helper leaves, here’s what you should do

  1. Be thankful

For the time that she has served us. Though it was short, it was still two more hands in the house right?

  1. Be grateful

That she chose us instead of others. Choosing us is already a privilege. Again, though the time with her was cut abruptly, thinking this would help us not garner ill feelings towards her.

  1. Learn from it

This is the greatest thing that we should do in the said situation. Assess yourself what you may have done to this kind of situation. Internalize and try to connect all the things that you may have done or done too much, in my case, I was too lenient even though I was already seeing the red flags.


After being grateful and learning from the situation, House Helpers leaving you also have some benefits:

It Improves Your Life

I think this is the best part every time when a House Helper leaves you unexpectedly. You learn more about yourself, what your disposition in life is and your path becomes clearer on how you want to live your life so next time a House Helper comes in, it’s not hard to adjust again.


It Helps You Establish Principles and Standards

This for me is the trickiest part, I grew up in a household where there was no House Helper around and it was my mom and I who did all the chores. Now that I am managing my own household it’s like a test for me how to do it on my own. I needed to step up and have my own principles in life. Having someone with you, you learn what is right and wrong in your house and slowly, you can acquire your ways according to your standards.


It Helps You Become More Organized

With every House Helper that leaves me, I learned how to organize my head and how make sure that the House Helper does what she needs to do. I learned tips and tricks how to make our life easier such as printing an everyday checklist, monthly schedule and I even learned how to use excel calendar for her payment so that I would not miss or


It Helps You to Be More Flexible

When a House Helper leaves when you least expect it, you have no excuse to do everything that she left behind so you learn to adapt and quickly look for ways to make things easier, better and faster.



Cheer up Mama, time will come and we will find our perfect Angels that will treat us like we treat them. Let’s take it as a challenge, our elders did it without help long time ago, what’s the difference now? As everyone says, it’s all about time management! We can do it!

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