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Why Age Appropriate Toys are Important

I grew up with lots of memories that I have overflowing toys so when Inigo came, I became a hoarder of toys but lately did I learn that you need to buy age appropriate toys for them, you know why?


it is important to buy age-appropriate toys for kids throughout their lifespan since children learn new skills and show different interests during different stages of development. Finding an age-appropriate toy means finding a toy that is a good match for their age, interest and the skills they are learning.


exposing your kid to a toy that is too advanced in his age will frustrate him and will make him lose his confidence. It happed to Inigo and I, I gave him the lacing beads too early, his fine motor skills that time is not yet fully developed and he ended up getting frustrated and throwing tantrums. So start with the easiest and ease your way up.


giving age appropriate toys means that they are more able to finish the toys and feel an accomplishment doing it. For example, I started giving Inigo stackable blocks around 12 months and he feels so good after doing it, so it’s win win situation for us, to be able to make our baby feel good and bond without tantrums! Hahaha.


TIP: If you want to buy a toy for your baby, checkout the MILESTONE/AGE APPROPRIATE  chart for your baby, so you would be sure that your money spent for toys will be worth it.

I followed this all throughout and it’s safe to say, that our toys are well used. “Age Appropriate Toys


Do not think that the money we would spent on toys, especially the educational ones are expensive nowadays will just go to waste. Remember, children learn through playing!