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Ways to Earn at Home while being a Full Time Mother

 Everyone is asking me,

if I ever miss working and earning my own money, and honestly, it was one of my demons that I constantly battled within myself and Even thought of Doing Work From Home gigs. I always think that I am lucky that my partner is a good provider and thinking of the traffic, commute, stress and leaving Inigo to a yaya, I don’t see myself working anytime soon.

That doesn’t stop me from wanting to earn for myself. My partner always told me that this is my season to enjoy being a mother and when the right time comes, I can always find a job or do whatever I want. I am a stubborn person and I can’t just rest my mind that I am not doing anything to help MYSELF. Yes, help myself to grow, to learn, to mature and to help a little bit in our family.

            So for the mommies out there that want’s to earn without leaving the house ( Work From Home), here are some proven ways that I personally did and doing whilst being a mother to my superhero spiderman Inigo (yes, he calls himself Spiderman nowadays)

  1. GCASH Load

Have you heard about GCASH? I love this app so much aside from making things easier by letting you transfer money to 20 banks for free, they also offer LOAD. You can load to any NETWORK and earn a REBATE. If you send load to Globe Prepaid, they’ll give you 5%. For example, send Php 100, they will give you back Php 5.00. It’s not much, but atleast you are earning using your fingertips!


This is not for everyone, but if you are a longtime user like I do, they will offer this to you. This is better than putting your money in bank because they offer 4%, compared to other banks that only offer 1-2%. The best part? You can invest as low as Php 50 without leaving the house! Everytime I send load to my loved ones and friends, I kept the change and started investing here. I started last March 22, 2019and my total investment was Php 2,210.87 and as of June 13, 2019, my total value is Php 2,229.19. So my money earned 18.32, not bad considering that I only put extra every week. No hassle investing.

  1. Sell preloved things

This is my favorite way of earning money. Why? Because I see the preloved value of things, I really try to take care more of the things around me. Usually, I sell preloved of my son and one time, while disposing Melissa and Doug items, I got 9,000 in 3 transactions! I was so happy because Inigo enjoyed it and now that he has outgrown it, we can still sell it and buy him new things! This cycle never ends. Just join buy and sell groups, sell in instragram, carousell and Facebook Marketplace!

  1. Bake and Sell Goods

I never imagined myself baking but one day, TESDA offered a free course and grabbed it! From then on, I started baing and experimenting and last Dec 2018, when I was still in Cotabato, my family was very supportive and they chose to use my banana loaves as their Christmas giveaways and I earned a lot and saved it all in my son’s trust fund account. Until now that I am in Manila, my bestfriend sells it for me. Do not be shy to ask people around, they are more willing since support local is being promoted nowadays.

  1. Buy and Sell

Rene, my partner lives in Australia and loves to look for cheap but effective product, thus BAKING MOTHERHOOD SHOP is born. These are the tried and tested items that we use as a family and it really brings more money than all of the things that I have told you. I suggest that you find things that are affordable where your family is staying and start a small online business! I am still trying to set up shopee as of the moment, but I think Shopee doesn’t like me. So anyone who wants to resell my items, let’s talk! I’ll give you discounts and let’s collaborate and maybe this just might be your key to Work From Home

I hope that I inspired you to earn money while staying at home. It’s hard but its really satisfying and ADDICTING. No matter how small the amount is, it still money right? It’s still the accomplishment of selling and helping a little to your family that matters!

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Stay at home mom

Tips for Yayaless Stay-at-Home Moms with a Toddler

Nowadays, finding a helper is really hard. Second, trusting them to take care of your baby is not an easy task. In my experience, I had a hard time looking for a replacement when our helper decided to not to work for us anymore. I felt bad about it and took it personally as I always do. I asked myself what I did wrong that made her decide to stop serving us anymore. We had beautiful plans together, sending her brothers to school first and enrolling her next. After a month, it dawned to me that whatever I did, I know I did best so I wished that the next family she will serve will treat here as a family member too.

At first, my in-laws were helping me cope up. We hired a labadera and plantsadora for Inigo’s clothes and mine. It was such a great help in my part since those household chores took so much time off me.

Then I moved back to Manila alone. It was supposed to be just a vacation and I needed to look for new tenants for our condo. I ended up loving the city life and not wanting to go back to the province again. Luckily, my partner supported my decision but just worried on how I can do all things alone. It was hard for the first two weeks. When you do all the chores from taking care of your toddler, cooking your food, cleaning the house, ironing and laundry. Good thing it only took 2 weeks to get me accustomed to my new life in the city with a toddler without any help.

But I realized that there are ways to make our yaya-less life easier.


This my favorite and my best-est friend in the whole house. It makes my life so easy! Imagine, just sorting out the laundry, putting it inside, adding soap, putting fabric conditioner in the designated place and pressing the appropriate button are all I need to do! After waiting for the laundry cycle to be completed, which will take 45-60 minutes, I have that whole time to attend to other needs. Another factor is, I can do laundry while he’s awake too! Invest in a good washing machine and I promise you, it’s worth it!


We women think that we should be superheroes, that we should be able to juggle all things at the same time. I thought that it’s with a proper time management and discipline, all things can be perfectly arranged in our home… BUT NO, NO! Living with a toddler, takes too much of our time and energy that sometimes the dishes pile up in the sink, the drawers are not neatly organized and a lot of other things are not done during the day. DON’T stress my dear! A day full of unfinished tasks doesn’t equate how good of a mother you are. What really matters are the memories that you make with your children. That really makes an impact on how they grow up.


As a strong independent woman I used to be, asking for help/favors meaning I was not strong enough to provide for myself. When I moved back to Manila, I tried my best to not need anyone until came such time that I rode a taxi going back home and Inigo fell asleep while in the car. I had too much things with me, I had to put Inigo to his stroller so I can bring all the things I bought up to my unit. So, when I arrived in the lobby, the guard opened the door and I asked him if he could unload my things from the trunk and if he can unfold the stroller for Inigo. It was such a hard thing to do since my stroller my tri-fold but I thank him for his patience and he successfully opened it and I placed Inigo inside his stroller. I asked him too to come up with me, which he did nonchalantly. We arrived in our unit and gave him a beverage as a way of my thank you.

See, that day I realized that it’s okay to ask help from time to time. It’s not really for you, but in this very example, it’s for the comfort of my son. We, as mothers, prioritize our child’s comfort the most. So mommies out there, do not hesitate to ask help! Some are just happy to help us! It’s not easy being an all-around mother! (I really do wonder how our older generations did it!)


This applies to you and your baby’s food. When the little one is asleep, I normally cook food, segregate it, label it and just reheat it when the time comes! It really helps to stuck up some pasta sauces and chicken broth soup for our babies. On our viand list, adobo is always a good idea.


When we are in a budget, it really takes a lot of the budget if we opt for always ordering food BUT, once in a while is okay. When you feel that your day is so stressful and exhausting, it’s so nice to think that we can call anytime of the day to order our favorite food! Imagine good food that YOU DID not cook! Such a mood booster right? Go dial your favorite restaurant and ask for a delivery.


When I discovered it, there was no turning back! Their concierge fee of Php99 is nothing compared to the stress of going to the supermarket and negotiating to your toddler that they only need one Kinder egg! Based on my experience, using this app made my budgeting easier since I do not see things that I don’t need! Plus beating the traffic is always an eargasm, right?


I am not techy but I am tamad. I rarely go out and I was like this ever since. I enjoy the comfort of my home. I have a Globe Broadband and I just pay online. They have no hidden charges, it takes only 5 minutes of my time and guess what? No more falling in line!


This is so convenient especially when you need something from a family or you need something delivered to a friend/family member. We never need to brave storms just to get or send some important things like documents, homemade food, toys and a lot more. It saves us time and the convenience of having everything in control with the palm of your hands.


I am always a friendly woman. I talk to all the types of people. My favorite people to talk to in our condominium are the guards and the maids, you want to know why? They know everything and they know a lot of people who can be of use to us! I asked around for a stay out helper and it did finally come to me! They charge 350 per day, I call them once a week just for general cleaning. It saves so much effort and I can thoroughly enjoy the day with my son without thinking if the house looks a mess!


I am often at awe how babies can respond at an early age. Right now, Inigo is 22 months old and can understand a lot. Whenever I need to do something, I tell him that I need to do it and he can go and play at his play area. While I do my laundry, I see my little one peeking if Mama is still there. While I do fold the new dried laundry, he goes and tries to fold it, though he often does not help me, I enjoy the smiles whenever he thinks he is helping. Whenever I cook breakfast, I tell him that he needs to wait at his highchair while watching Youtube. He often glances at me, I tell him that I am still cooking and he’s there waiting patiently. Talking to your toddler makes him understand what is happening and also beneficial for his language development.


I often feel guilty every time I see someone post about the effects of screen time to the babies. They say a lot of negative things, but honestly? What can I do? There are times that my routine fails, my time is inefficiently managed and my battery is empty. YouTube is the easiest and most effective way to make the kid quiet or happy. I really do feel the guilt but I make sure that I limit it. I make sure that we still have a balanced routine. I still try not to be dependent on it. We still play, color, paint, read a book, build lego, slide, talk, tickle, and go outdoors and bond. Don’t feel bad momma, I believe it’s just a phase. If giving an hour of YouTube to your little one buys you sleep when you really feel you’re having fever, then go ahead. If giving them YouTube will help you finish cooking your meals and assuring you that accidents won’t happen since he is too preoccupied, then go ahead. If giving them 30 minutes of YouTube makes you not snap on them because of the mess or tantrums they did, then go ahead. What’s important here is, I believe, we mommies wouldn’t like our babies to be screen dependent, who does right? BUT sometimes, we just can’t handle everything at once right? Do not feel bad mommy, a day is not a valid measurement of how great of a mother we are.

We often forget what is important, which is YOU, MOMMY.

US mothers.

We often forget that we also need to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. These tips will help you to go by while your angel AKA Yaya is not yet found. Again, don’t hesitate to ask help and accept that parenting is not always a perfect day! Take it day by day and just enjoy the roller coaster ride that comes with raising toddlers!

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Benefits of Being A Stay At Home

A lot of career woman that I know that suddenly chose the Stay at home mom life often succumb to the feeling of in adequateness because their usual kick of joy from achieving goal-oriented/work-related things disappear. At isa ako sa mga babeng nanay na ganun. Though a lot of times I am grateful of what I have now, I can’t help but to re-live the past when I was being recognized at work, having this financial freedom and being free in general.

As I embark this journey or motherhood, it was only around Inigo was 18 months that I had reached my full circle, meaning the denial of being JUST a stay at home mom is over! Tanggap ko na. I accepted my disposition in life. I realized that Inigo doesn’t need money or security at the moment. He doesn’t even have an idea of WHAT LIFE IS. Our baby only needs one thing, their mother.

So what’s the benefit of being a stay at home mom? Maybe the one reading is at her dark days just like I did, so go on and believe that in time you will come to your own full circle.


  1. We never miss a milestone – I took everything for granted until one of my single mom friend told me, “You are lucky you are there to capture these moments”. Their first smile, first laugh, first time to sit, first time to eat, first time to talk and the lists go on. They can never happen again.
  2. We are happier – meaning gone are the days that we need to achieve something, buy something, prove something in order for us to feel good and empowered. Keeping the baby unharmed for a day is already a milestone for first time moms! Hahaha. Keeping the house clean for 4 hours is already a big wow for mothers who’s living with a toddler. I love what this motherhood brought me. It made me feel that little things, matter too.
  3. We aren’t stuck in traffic – imagine how awful this might feel to some people who need to brave the road just to get to work! They need to at least give 1-2 hours for travelling time, meaning they are stuck in that traffic jam thinking of what could be while we are here appreciating that our toddler can now imitate the sounds of the animals.
  4. We are more flexible – when we were single, we controlled everything. Now that you are a stay at home mom, you are more prone to last minute changes. You’ll want to go to the mall by 2PM but the baby suddenly decides that it’s tantrums time! So you give him an extra 10 minutes of comfort thus making you more flexible than before.
  5. We are more patient – remember the time that you can’t stand waiting for someone? Well when you are a stay at home mom, your never-ending exposure with a baby boss makes patience your virtue. Hahaha.
  6. We are more creative – living alone with kids make you creative in different ways. Their laugh and their smile are so addictive that you will do anything out of the box just to hear their happy voices.
  7. We are more grateful – I have never felt more grateful since I became a stay at home mom. I am grateful for a 10-minute extra sleep, I am grateful for all the grocery trip because I don’t need to worry about money anymore. I am grateful that my partner works hard, and I am grateful that my son is here and smiling. Since we have more time to reflect, we become more grateful especially to God who made all these possible.
  8. We are more positive – since we are not exposed to the stress of living and working with humans that we really don’t like to, we are more balanced and we see life more positively.
  9. We are more in control – WE are in control of our baby’s routine, diet, exposure, sleeping pattern and most importantly, character development. I think character is the most important aspect of raising a child and it can’t be learned in anyway, in any school or from anyone. It is embedded by us, the parents.
  10. We become a better version of ourselves – Frequently, when Inigo is sound asleep at our room, I find myself reflecting on how my day was while doing chores. I assess myself. How I did towards Inigo today, how I managed my time for chores, how I was as a partner to Rene, and how I am generally. If I do think that I missed in parenting somehow with Inigo’s development, I usually find myself buried into Google on ways to best approach that matter. If I find myself that I took Rene for granted or if I exploded at him for a reason that should not be, I compose a message explaining myself and apologizing for my shortcomings. These small things, no matter how small, make me see myself getting better as a person.
  11. We become MADISKARTE – Since our budget is limited and our time is contrasted, we think of other ways to make extra money. I, for instance, suddenly became a baker.


These are all the things that I really realized now that Inigo is 2 years old . Believe me, I was in a dark place too where I often question myself, “hanggang dito na lang ba ako?” But when you fully accept your circle of life and think of motherhood as your “disposition,” not an end, your perspective will become wider and better.

Maybe these are also part of our journey to be the better version of ourselves. Motherhood just increases the velocity of maturity. Never think of motherhood as a hindrance, make it as leverage towards self-worth.

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Why It’s Harder to Be A Stay At Home Mom

I often wonder why during the last generation, stay at home mothers were the norms. Everyone thinks that when a girl marries, she needs to give up everything and surrender their lives to being a wife and a mother. It was the only way to live back then and also a way of status symbol. If your husband can support your family without you working, it automatically brings you to middle class portion of the society we live.

Then here comes this generation, a generation full of breaking the traditions and pushing  boundaries that our elders built for the last years. We became more conscious of our gender’s position in this patriarchal society. We females, become more observant that we noticed what’s right from wrong, what’s just and unfair, what’s should be and should not be in this world. We kept on fighting for equality, for independence and for our rights.

So yeah, this is just the tip of the iceberg why it’s becoming harder to be just a stay at home. As a millennial myself, who was not ready for motherhood, here are the top reason why transitioning to a stay at home mother was slower:


  1. We lose our Identitystay at home mom

We were raised to be the best version of ourselves. Our family put a hard emphasis on the importance of attaining diploma and the value of having your own career. They become proud of you when you achieve something in regards with education, for example, its starts with your first medal, your first competition and so the lists goes on. All our life we were identified as someone’s daughter. In our culture, our parents often boasts about what we do for a living, but I never heard someone’s parent boasting that their daughter chose to be the stay at home mom.

  1. We live in a materialistic worldstay at home mom

Back before, the only needs that we need to feel secure were clothing, food and a roof. Nowadays, it’s complicated, that needs, even though met, our society seems to tell us a different story. In these times, we were thought that we need emergency savings, mutual funds, variable insurance, cars and investment in order to say, that we are safe for the future. These pressures that we cannot help but think from time to time makes us harder to leave our source of income.

  1. We have social media accounts
    Stay at home mom

Let’s face it, when you see that your batch mates go to this beautiful place, bought a new house, ate in the best restaurants or just attended the latest DJ concert, you can’t help but compare. Especially when you are there half naked, breastfeeding your son/daughter while feeling ugly as shit. Our brains were somehow wired to be always comparing of other’s achievements, maybe because we were thought in traditional school, that winning is always good. It’s not that we envy what they have, it’s just that, we knew we could’ve done it too, but our child somehow becomes a responsibility that makes us slower in the race called life.


  1. We don’t see the end of itStay at home mom

When we were working, we feel so accomplished at the end of the day. It is because our work entails this and that and then you’re good right? While this motherhood never came with a solution for every problem, someone might have a solution for it, but it doesn’t apply to your own kind of parenting. We often think that we were brought up by career driven woman or a working mom with no choice, and we we’re okay right? So why, now? When everything is accessible and convenient for us to leave the child that being a mother full time is more important? We rarely see the end of the road with parenting 24/7 , that’s why we are always doubtful if we have chosen our priorities wisely.

We live in a modern world that was accustomed to instant gratification. This made us believe that the internet speed limit should always be at top speed, the service of the waiters should be always at it’s best, and the world revolves around our highly set standards.

This world that we are accustomed is very far from motherhood. Motherhood rewards doesn’t show easily. It can only be seen by our heart, sometimes we are lucky to receive sweet kisses and hugs from our little one. They can’t speak yet but in time I know for sure, when I see them reach their best version of their selves with me beside them, I would say that being a stay at home mom is the best decision I ever made.

How about you? Do you find it hard to be a stay at  home mom?


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