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An open letter to the Burnt Out Mommy

I know you love motherhood but sometimes it is really exhausting and it’s okay to admit it is.

Times had changed and being a mother is not the only thing a woman want.

We want to be something else too while being a mother.

Our heart is telling us to be content with being a mother but our mind is also telling us, wait girl, we can do more than that!

Our situation tells us that we can not leave our tiny little babies to any other people but our desire is to have a mom-cation just for 2-4 hours is always there.

Our needs tells us that we have more than enough but our wants tells us we can have more.

Our body tells us that we need to eat more to keep our energy high as our toddler but our diet tells us “oh no you don’t”.

Our time tells us we don’t have time for anything else but our curiosity tells us otherwise.

Our season tells us that we should enjoy all the phase of motherhood but our inner fierce lioness want to break the stereotypes.

There are a lot of battles and demons we fight everyday that no one knows about, because we are afraid to be judged, to be criticized or to be told otherwise.

We keep it to ourselves to the point where our everyday life is affected and we blame it to the stress or tiredness of being a mother.

We keep our battles inside to the point that the pain, anxiety, worries never gets healed or answered.

We get so diverted with the needs of everyone us that we disregard our own needs, thinking that our family need us more than we need to heal ourselves.

These battles are the battles that we fight during the wee hours of the night alone, while everyone thinks we waste our time scrolling in social media, we actually talk to our self, internalize and look for things that will help us get better without trying to get help, because we know who we are, strong independent mommas!

But you know what? There will come a time and we will explode and after that, what happens?

The sudden burst of suppressed emotions is so overwhelming because you really don’t know where it started thus it’s really hard to solve.

You don’t know where to start!

You start feeling exhausted and no comfort food can even make you feel refreshed.

You feel you need sleep even though you slept for good 6-8 hours.

You feel that you are existing but not living.

You feel that this is the life? Is this really it?

You feel so sad yet thankful for the life you have.

You feel guilty for feeling this way.

You feel that it’s unfair for your child for you to feel this way because he is so innocent and brings you so much joy.

But what can we do?


Mommy, you are not alone.

I am a mommy too and I don’t know what to do too.

I want to reset, i want to be better, i want to be the best mom to my son but there are BAD DAYS.

Wherein you just cant seem to be yourself.

I guess because motherhood is often overwhelming that we usually fall off from the fast paced journey.

Do not worry mommy, these DARK AND BAD DAYS will pass too.

Hold on to the promise that tomorrow is always a chance for us to be better, for the feelings to get lighter and for our situation to get better.

Do not give up, do not lose hope, because our family is counting on us!

Baking Motherhood
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How I Successfully Prevented stretchmarks

Before Rene left for work overseas, he asked me what pasalubong I wanted. I told him aside from POMEGRANATE, TAMARIND and BERRIES, I wanted PALMERS Massage Lotion for stretch marks. He came home with all I requested and an additional product, PALMERS Oil. He said that the sales lady in Thailand recommended it to him. Baking Motherhood

I started using these the same time. A friend of mine told me that you mix oil and lotion on your palms and apply it at the same time for better absorption. So every time I took a shower, I felt itchy or bored and before bedtime, I applied it 2- 3 times a day. However, I did not apply it on my breasts thus the only place I have stretch marks on. DON’T FORGET TO APPLY IT ON YOUR BOOBS TOO!

After this concoction, I experimented with Argan Oil and Coconut Oil too. Still with the same lotion but depending on my mood, I would mix a different oil. For the last trimester, I added BIO-oil and Palmers Stretch Mark Cream in my routine since I heard good reviews.

What else to consider:

GENES – They said that it really boils down to genes, my mother had stretch marks and told me that I might inherit it but she loved me so much she sent me Argan Oil and 8 bottles of Palmers Lotion and Cream.

DIET – Of course, the bigger you will get, the more chances of getting stretch marks, so I did not indulge. If I do indulge, I make sure that it’s on healthy food such as salads and fruits.

WATER – Drink a lot of water. Hydration is good for you, the baby and your skin. It strengthens the skin’s elasticity which explains why dry skin is more prone to stretch marks.

My conclusion?

EARLY PREVENTION IS THE CURE! Start applying as soon as you know that you’re pregnant, for that added moisture your growing belly needs!

KEEP APPLYING FOR THE NEXT 6 MONHTS POST PARTUM! I applied it every day since giving birth since it’s constantly itchy from binder and I thought that who would use the remaining bottles? HAHA. It worked! I will show you my before and after pictures

To each is his own as they say, even if you followed all these steps, and you do get stretch marks, at least you would not have regrets, right? It is better to do something and regret it rather than not doing something and regret it.

I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy ahead of you!

Next on my blog is my first Ultrasound for only Php 200 pesos. Stay tuned!

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SSS MATERNITY BENEFIT: How to claim even if unemployed

I am going to discuss the option of claiming SSS for unemployed/voluntary payer like me because the maternity claim for working pregnant women is a different story.

When I told someone, I knew (Abby) that I was pregnant, she congratulated me and told me to arrange my SSS. I thank her for informing me as soon as possible. Thanks girl! Mwuah!

As soon as my husband came home from Beijing, we went to SSS Recto to check how to claim the maternity benefit and what the requirements were. We went there March 15, 2016 and they told us that I needed to update my payment first. Luckily, the last call for quarterly payment was March 17, 2016. Also, two valid IDs must be presented as well as the original ultrasound as a requirement needed for Maternity Notification.

Apparently, we needed Php 1,760 x 3 = Php 5,280 so I told Rene to come up with something to not miss this investment. We just needed to pay three times, which could be reimbursed with the same amount up to Php 35, 000. Rene told me that he would definitely do something about it, and I trusted him. Here comes the fun part. I felt agitated during the day we would settle the amount because if we would not be able to pay, we would not be able to receive the maximum payout. He was still working part time and just excused himself around 3pm. He called me and told me to go down, cross the streets and wait for the FX that he was riding (He was coming from Ortigas whereas I in Sta. Mesa, and we were going to Recto. I waited until I saw a familiar face in the FX. We both looked happy since we knew that what we are doing is the best for us.

As we arrived at around 4:30 Pm, Rene rushed upstairs to pay my SSS contribution while I arranged my maternity notification. We walked away feeling accomplished, and they said that it would be released after 2 months of submission of MATERNITY REIMBURSEMENT FORM.

I gave birth on Oct 22, 2016 and I received a sum of 40,000! What a great investment indeed! Hahahaah..

Did you know that you can compute more or less how much you are going to get?

Here’s the link: SSS Maternity Benefits

Can you still avail of the benefit even if you’re a stay-at-home mom or currently unemployed?
HR specialist Loida M. Pondevida says yes as long as you’ve posted at least three monthly contributions before the semester of your date of delivery. She advises checking your membership status first by requesting a Static Information Sheet from SSS. Take note under the current law you can only apply for SSS Maternity Benefit for your first four pregnancies or failed pregnancies whether you’ve claimed them before or not.

Next on my topic list is, how I PREVENTED STRETCHMARKS.

Pregnancy Story
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Pregnancy: How I found out and What I did Next

I would like to share my pregnancy story with you which all started last February. I had a very regular menstruation period and it usually lasts 21 days only, most is 25 days. I was expecting my menstruation on February 23, 2016 when it should’ve been my 25th day.

So on February 24, 2016, my boyfriend and I went to the grocery store where there’s a Watsons. Luckily, there was this Buy 1 Take 1 Pregnancy test kit that offers early detection, as early as 1 st day of missed pregnancy. I took it as soon as we came home because I was sure I was pregnant. I went to the bathroom, and VOILA! There were 2 lines, clear as the skies. I was dazed so I told my boyfriend, yet he was surprisingly happy, ME? I was shocked. I did the second pregnancy test and both were positive! My life went crumbling down. That time, I was supposed to go back to Kuwait and my partner back to Australia.

We did not have a stable job and we were lost until this blessing came along. We believed that this was God’s plan and slowly we told our family and friends. Some were shocked, some were happy, some were a little bit off since they thought it was irresponsible of us to have a family while figuring things out. I did not care. What’s important was the baby I was carrying, the rest will follow.

Baking Motherhood

After two days, we went to The Medical City to have a confirmation from the OBgyne, since we couldn’t believe it. The OBgyne told us that the line is clear and there’s no room for doubt. Second, I was so sure of my last menstruation, as if I had this all planned.

She told me that it was conceived between Feb 03 and Feb 06
(THE BABY WAS MADE IN MORONG, BATAAN). Hahaha. We had a laugh when I said it loud. She gave us Duphaston 3 times for 2 weeks (to make the baby “kapit”) which, according to Google, it works by correcting the levels of progesterone, thereby stimulating the lining of the uterus to prepare for a pregnancy
and protect an existing pregnancy, and OBIMIN PLUS, a pre-natal supplement that has DHA in it.

It was so expensive thatwe needed atleast Php 250 a day plus ANMUM Milk. We tried our best and we transferred to another hospital that was nearer my house and I was happy I found Dra. Datu of Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital. She only charged Php 200 pesos for checkup which is really affordable, and was recommended by the most trusted receptionist I know, Ivy, when I asked for
a reasonable OB-Gyne. Dra. Datu immediately recommended me for Transvaginal Ultrasound, to see whether the embryo was inside the uterus. If it were outside, then it was ectopic pregnancy and could be risky.

I went right away, alone, since my boyfriend had to go Beijing and work. The procedure was uncomfortable but on the top of that, I WAS SCARED. What if it’s ectopic? What if it’s abnormal? What if’s were there but as soon as the OB- Sonologist said “Congratulations”, all worries were gone and came this cloud of
excitement for the next chapter of my life.I took a picture and sent it to my boyfriend to assure him that everything was
alright, Dra. Datu gave me additional vitamins. It was Iberet Folic (iron and folic acid in one) and Calciumade (Calcium and Vitamin D) and said to continue OBIMIN PLUS since it’s the only pre natal supplement that provides DHA. For all of these,
our running budget for supplements was 75 pesos, a big relief from Php 250 since we omitted the Duphaston.I had a very smooth pregnancy! I was still active. I did not crave anything in
particular, but suddenly, I COULD NOT EAT WITHOUT CHILI! I even bought a plant so I can harvest “sili” anytime! I was not able to take a picture of it because it died soon.

After ensuring my pregnancy, baby’s safety, multivitamins, and well-balanced diet (I need to thank my boyfriend Rene for making sure that during my pregnancy, I only ate healthy and non-processed food as much as we could) what I did next is go to SSS to ask how to claim my maternity benefit that WE ARE ALL ENTITLED FOR, whether we are working or JOBLESS at the moment. Turns out that as long as we have a 12=MONTH HISTORY OF PAYMENT, we are qualified for this benefit.