Mamacademy – How I attended a Seminar with a Toddler

        I always liked learning, and for sometime, having a baby slowed me down. But when an opportunity rises and I am really eager to grab it, I really do persevere. One great example is the Mamacademy Workshop, Inspire to Blog: Blog to Inspire. IT was the right timing for myself, I said. I was really enthusiastic about blogging and I never have blogger friends that can orient me with how everything works, this promises to awaken your passion inside and give a run down of the things you will need to start a blog.

Holding on to my keenness to attend the said workshop, I sent a message to Mamacademy via Facebook Messenger to ask if it’s okay to attend a workshop with a toddler since  there is no one to look after him. They said that it would not really take so much space in the workshop area and we are welcome to be there! I was ecstatic hearing those words! I felt that this one is for me! I felt that the Universe do feel my vibe and I guess I attracted the right opportunity for me. I discussed with my partner and he couldn’t be happier.

The day before the event came the preparations. I made sure that my phones were fully charged and so is my power bank. Youtube really saves me 30 minutes to 1 hour of peace with Inigo.

I also brought a ziplock full of Lego duplo blocks! It was such a good toy! Build and rebuild equals minutes of never ending play! I also love the fact that almost all of us who attended there were Mommies so every time a lego drops, they instantly picks it up and hand it over to Inigo. Mommy instinct perhaps? Also the fact that during the times Inigo made some noise, I NEVER FELT JUDGED.

Of course his super favorite treats were present! Breadsticks, Yanyan, and Skyflakes packed accordingly. And you know what really saved the day? I had 3 kinder eggs hidden in my bag, for emergency purposes and lollipops! Inigo that day was such a sweetheart.

Bring a stroller with pillow and blanket. This is incase if he will fall asleep which he did not.

Choices of his favorite beverage will also be beneficial! Aside from water, I brought Chuckie and Dutch mill in case he needs a good mood booster!

That day was such an amazing day for Inigo and I. It strengthened our bond and I really felt proud as a mother for raising a child that’s really cooperative! I did not expect that it would go smoothly, especially for Inigo’s age, 22 months old who is prone to emotional breakdown? I was surprised with Inigo’s behavior and really made me realize that what I am doing with him is on the right track.

I enjoyed that day and I believe Inigo also! It was a win win for both of us and I am currently looking to joining one of Mamacademy’s workshops again. I was not the only one who brought kids, we were 4 Mommies who was there with kids!

For all the mommies out there, go ahead and be proud to bring your babies/kids in the seminar! Do not let anything stop you from learning.  Let this be a reminder that you can do everything!