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What to do with leftover Juice/Yogurt/Shakes

                  Do you always find yourself left with juices, milk, drinks from tetra pack? Do you always FINISH it para hindi lang sayang, never ever looking the calories it takes? DID you? I know all moms do this, instead of throwing out leftover drinks, we drink it! Worry now more! I have a solution that’s a win win for everyone without US getting fat!

 Turn all your left over Juice/Yogurt to Popsicle Sticks!

Perfect for teething babies and as reward to obedient toddlers who just finished their meal!

Imagine, their chuckie chocolate milk will turn into chocolate ice cream, I don’t think any kids would say no to this yummy treat!

Easy, no mess, cheap and super win win situation for all the busy moms out there!

Here are my some of my recommendations that can be easily bought and pasok sa budget!

  1. Popsicle Maker with A Ring Holder – this is perfect for little hands, it’s easier and fun to hold for them too! If you have time, get this since it’s only Php 218  and BPA free already! The down side is this takes 15-20 days of shipping.

Popsicle Mold For Kids

2. 4 Piece Popsicle mold – cheapest in the market and most space saving in our freezer! For only Php 67, what is there to lose?

Shopee Popsicle Maker

3. THIS IS THE BEST FOR ME. Tried and Tested and will definitely recommend if you have the budget for it! This is perfect for littlest of the hands out there! I love it because we can even measure! Each popsicle is only 1oz 🙂

I found out that BabyMama.PH is having a sale! Check it out!

What else are your mommy hacks mommies? Let’s share!

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