Is kumon for toddlers worth it?

I had a friend that told me that one of the classmates of her son is attending Kumon and I really did not believe it.

Then one day, Gymboree Magnolia needed to close down for 1 week to attend to their management problems and I really did not know what to do to Inigo and his extra energy! He was so used to going there and everyday, he is telling me to go to Gymboree, so I looked for other things that he can do for the meantime.

Right that moment, the summer classes have already ended and Rene suggested I check Kumon which is just in front of our house.

            I called them and asked if my 2.6 year old son can attend one of their classes. Teacher Tess of Kumon P. Sanchez was very warm and invited me for an assessment the following day. We came there, and she interviewed me regarding the progress of Inigo, house dynamics, routine, activities and what is the goal in sending Inigo to Kumon.

I told her that we started play school at 18 months and the reason that I wanted Inigo to be enrolled is to do something worthwhile and practice his fine motor skills, especially writing because I am a leftie and he is right handed.


When the interview was done, they asked me to fill out some forms and some questions that struck me are:

  1. Do you read books with your child? How often?
  2. How many books do you have at home?
  3. His favorite book?


   I was shocked that it matters to them, I asked why, and they said that what Inigo is enrolled is “Reading Program”. When the interview and filling up of forms were done, they invited us to the classroom for FREE ASSESSMENT.


Inigo was so proactive, I am guessing he likes the new activities and attention that the teacher was giving him. The assessment only took 15 minutes and we have decided to enroll him to the lowest level, which is 7A and that includes the ZI pencil skills practice too!


 Which is my aim and I was very happy that they offer it for the price of 1. After the interview, they invited That was a Monday, and she asked me to come on their cutoff date, which every 20th of the Month.


These are the requirements that I needed to submit and Php 2,500.


Php 2,000 goes to the tuition fee that includes 8 times a week of one on one classes for 30 mins each class and Php 500 goes to enrollment fee. Not bad to think that it’s Php 250 per class if you think it that way? Then when enrolling, it comes with a FREE BAG and a PENCIL! Who doesn’t like freebies? Hahaha.


The best part is not yet done, THEY HAVE TAKE HOME WORKSHEETS! Imagine, if you attend class for 2 days only, they give you worksheets that are good for 5 DAYS that you are not in class! I really was shocked but in a good way, because it’s really value for money! I do not need to think of activities that Inigo needs to do, it is given to us, for free! Wow dba?

We are now in our second month with Kumon, most days Inigo loves to go and do his homeworks, some days, he is too lazy to go to Kumon or do his assignments. I let him skip assignments for him not to hate Kumon, but I never let him miss a class. I wanted to instill discipline in him as soon as now, sometimes it works perfectly, but there are days, like today that he really did not want to participate so it took a lot of bribery from Teacher Ellen, Teacher Tess and I for him to complete the tasks. I am lucky to find people who understands where we stand and just let’s Inigo run his course of being a toddler at times. font-size:00px toddler


Key Takeaway 

Is Kumon worth it? YES! Anything for my son that will benefit him in the future, is worth investing!

What are you waiting for mommies? The Kumon is having a promo that ENROLLMENT FEE is waived if you enrolled until July 30, 2019! Call your nearest Kumon for assessment today