Dental check up

Inigo’s First Dental Check up



I posted a picture of my baby’s first tooth in Facebook about how come it had a stain. Then a high school friend of mine who is a dentist sent a message saying that I should get his teeth checked. I was shocked knowing that the baby can have their first dental visit at a young age, as early as the first tooth erupted!!
I took his advice and went to his clinic in Makati to have my baby’s first dental check-up.
Taken at the Dentist August 27, 2017 with Dr. Bryan Anduiza 🙂
Inigo was 10 months that time and didn’t really understand what is happening. As we arrived, my friend and I had some chitchat about our lives and examined my baby’s teeth. After the assessment, advised me to hold Inigo tight while we apply the fluoride on his teeth and gums. It was not a pleasurable 5 minutes for my baby love.
He was screaming while the dentist took advantage of the opening of the mouth and gently applied the fluoride all over my baby’s teeth and gums.
Here are the things he told me that I should do to ensure maximal health of his teeth.


  1. Always brush his teeth – even if it’s just 2, it doesn’t matter. It needs to be brushed. Brushing is a habit that needs repetition in order for our baby to enjoy.

  2. Have a Dental Appointment every 6 months – this is to teach us and the baby good oral hygiene from an early age. Also, if there is oral health problems such as cavities, it can be treated quickly.

  3. Use Fluoride Toothpaste – it’s better than using the ones who claims fluoride free since fluoride is proven to prevent cavities.


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I believe that, that dental visit was more helpful for me than for my son. Talking to a dentist and having a broad idea of how the teeth of the baby operates made me more dedicated in taking care of Inigo’s teeth.
I am so happy that I went to see a dentist as early as possible even though the elders around me told that it’s not necessary because I learned a lot! So don’t every shy away from the things that don’t really makes sense to you. Instead, exert effort in knowing more. Learning is always beneficial to everyone!