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Must Haves for Breastfeeding Moms

Hi Breastfeeding Moms!

One of the challenges I had was not being able to produce milk for Inigo for three days; however, when milk started coming out, it was a lot that my shirt would get soaked up!

Despite the delayed milk production,

I never experienced pain from being a breastfeeding mom perhaps because either Inigo was really gentle with sucking, or maybe I also made this habit of preventing cracked nipples by applying LANSINOH Cream every time I felt to do so at least 3 times a day.

What I did feel was pressure in my boobs, and the heaviness was as if my boobs were WATERMELONS, hard and full of milk. Since I was a CS mommy, it was challenging carrying my newborn and feeding him every 2 hours while recovering from my stitches. 

Every time our household found my shirt soaking wet, they would compliment me several times day like they had never seen a mommy so into breastfeeding. Despite the overflowing milk, I would still drink my supplements. PLUS in this blog, I will teach you how I make my Malunggay Water! Yes, you heard it right! Malunggay is very abundant in Cotabato and is just five steps away from our house. A wonderful way to ingest it is by infusing it with water or tea and don’t forget to take vitamins


First, let me tell you what you NEED:


  1. BREASTFEEDING PADS: These come in either disposable or reusable pads. Personally, I prefer the disposable ones since these are easier to use and change, and are very convenient especially if you are outside with your newborn. TIP: DO NOT HOARD: I had hoarded a lot before my body regulated the production as soon as my baby was 2 months old. Ever since the leaking stopped, the breastfeeding pads have been stuck in my closet.breastfeeding mom
  2. BREASTFEEDING COVER: They have a lot of styles nowadays — apron, poncho, and a lot more which I forgot how it’s called.  I had all of them but I preferred the apron style since it was really big and easier to wear and store when done. TIP: Get at least two. One always inside your diaper bag, and another in case you have house guests.breastfeeding mom
  3. MALUNGGAY CAPSULE: There are a lot to choose from, but I decided to choose Moringana because it was the cheapest in town. I read that the content is almost the same with other brands. I still drink it now.breastfeeding mom
  4. LANSINOH CREAM: I think this was my savior! I never experienced pain since I applied it like 3 times a day. With or without crack, I apply it to provide extra moisture, and it’s also safe to be ingested by our babies! breastfeeding mom
  5. NURSING PILLOW: Invest in a good one because it will be your best friend! I had one that also can be used as tummy time and lounge chair! Oh, how I love these products that grow with our child.breastfeeding mom
  6. NURSING BRA:  This saves a lot of effort, mommies! Your boobs will be needed between a 1 to 2-hour interval and you need a bra to put your breastfeeding pads! Compared to regular bras which take quite a while, o convenient to use


Aside from these, I drink Malunggay Tea/Water (recipe is here) from time to time and I infuse it with different tea flavors when I am bored with the taste! 

Those are my top 6 picks for all stay-at-home mothers who are just starting this breastfeeding journey. There will be a lot of restless and sleepless nights coming and there would be dark days wherein you are really going to feel exhausted and like a walking zombie, but endure it. I am breastfeeding for 23 months now and I do not regret anything because I think all of the hardships make our relationship with our son more meaningful.