Introducing Solid food

Tips on Introducing Solid Food

            After the baby kept on doing the same tricks for the last 6 months, we got so excited in making them do another milestone—EATING THEIR FIRST SOLID FOOD!  A lot of debate had gone on the perfect time to introduce solid food. Some say it can be introduced as early as 4 months, and some say it is best introduced on their 6th month. I believe that it’s best to introduce solid food when the baby is so ready.

                  What are the signs that a baby is ready for solid food?

  1. Baby can sit up well without support.

In my case, at least 5 minutes without him bobbling down his head and looks comfortable.

  1. Baby has lost tongue thrust reflex and does not automatically push solids out of his mouth with his tongue.

Try this with spoon and water or milk to see if he has lost his tongue thrust reflex.

  1. Baby is ready and willing to chew.

Sometimes a baby, even when given puree food, doesn’t seem to want to ingest. This was tried with Inigo and I observed that he was not willing to take food until he was about 7 months.

  1. Baby is developing a pincer grasp where he picks up good or other objects between thumb and forefinger.

Try putting small objects in front of him while sitting to encourage him to practice, but make sure you are there so he won’t choke.

  1. Baby is eager to participate in mealtime and may try to grab food and put in his mouth.

Inigo was interested with food but never grabbed it from me. So this is a good point.

  1. Baby watches you eat with interest.

The cutest part! I still remember Inigo’s glances whenever he sees me chow down food. Sometimes he even gives me a start that will send everyone in laughter.

I was really excited to feed my baby so when Inigo turned 6 months, I started right there but got frustrated because Inigo was not responding the way I wanted him too. He had all the signs of being ready for solid food. I did follow the Tamang Kain and made sure to prepare freshly pureed food for him. I made sure that he was in a good mood, entertained and willing to participate every meal, but after 1 to 2 spoons, he would not open his mouth anymore. I was really frustrated and kept asking myself where I went wrong. The old people around me told me that I should’ve started with Cerelac so that my baby would enjoy his first taste and would continue to have a good appetite. My partner kept telling me that I should just enjoy the moment. Don’t sweat the small stuff and soon our baby boy will eat that this is just a practice time for him. I kept on asking around why this is happening and someone told me that it’s still okay since Food Under One is Just for Fun, it made me realize that milk is still the primary source of nutrition for the little one.