Baby Crib Philippines

What Kind of Baby Crib Do You Need?

As the technology arises, a lot of innovative products are being produced, especially with the baby needs. The market is so big that almost everything the baby needs, our era has an invention for it! Like this topic that I am going to discuss, Baby Cribs. They were created since the 18th century, but my oh my, nowadays, there’s a lot of kinds to choose from:

Kinds of  Baby Cribs in the Market:

  1. Wooden Standard Baby Cribs – these are the wooden ones and cheapest ones in the market since they don’t do anything aside from one thing, being a crib.
  2. Convertible/Multipurpose Baby Crib – these ones are expensive and functional. These can be used from birth until 5 years old. Sometimes it has an attached diaper changing area/cabinets that are designed for convenience while taking care of the baby.
  3. Portable Baby Crib – these are the cribs that has wheels on it.
  4. Collapsible Crib – usually very compact, has a lot of options with it and grows with your baby.
  5. Bassinet/Co – Sleepers – small and ideal for co-sleeping


These are the four types that are readily available in the market now. All has advantages and disadvantages. Let’s make a chart of the pro’s and cons of each crib for all the mommies out there that’s having second thoughts on buying


1. Wooden Standard Crib 1. Sturdy

2. You can design your crib by adding bed sheets, bumpers

1. bulky/space eater

2. can be used until 2 yrs old only.

3. hard to move

All the people I know that bought this, ended up just a storage of baby things. So, NO.
2. Convertible or Multipurpose Crib 1. Cost effective since it grows with your baby.

2. Built to last

3. Classy Designs

4. Comes usually with drawers/diaper changing area


2. Conversion kit must be stored away first.

3. Bulky


If you plan to make your baby sleep independent, this suits you well especially if she has her own room.
3. Portable Baby Crib 1. Great with big houses

2. Movable; easily keep an eye to your baby

1. Dangerous if left unattended There are better choices than this. So, NO.
4. Collapsible Cribs 1. Convenient to use

2. Lightweight

3. Grows with your toddler

4. Can be stowed away if not in use

5. Some comes with a diaper changing area

6. Some come with wheels for easy movement from place to place

1. Not sturdy

2. Some designs can be easily broken

This is the perfect crib for someone who has limited space, tight budget and wants a playpen in the long run.

SO, YES, this is the best in my opinion.

5.Bassinet/ Co- Sleepers 1. Promotes healthy and safe co-sleeping

2. Portable

3. Cute designs

1. Not sturdy

2. Only limited time of use, max 6 months

3. Expensive, almost same price with the fully functional crib

I don’t recommend it unless YOU HAVE 2 cribs like the celebrities. They sleep with these co-sleeper cribs but in the morning they are using their standard crib


Clearly, just basing from the greatest number of Pros that I had enumerated in the chart, the collapsible cribs are here to win it! It is also a very accessible crib to buy, you can find it in our local department stores, Lazada and second-hand online stores! I used to have one that is hand me down by my sister in law which she used 5 years prior to the arrival of my baby. It was stored very nicely under her bed and it feels like new! I had doubts of buying this kind of crib ever since, but seeing that it still in good condition after 5 years made me think other wise!

We used it like a co-sleeper too, we placed it beside my bed, though more effort is needed, syempre the opening is not fold-able, but hey, it still did it’s job right? It can also be personalized, we bought some crib bumper that can be used as book also!

We used this until Inigo was around 1 year old. After that, he prefers to sleep with me and he prefers to play in his wide plastic playpen. It was still convenient for me because I can put Inigo there without thinking that he might fall anytime while I do my chores.  It’s now properly stored in our bodega, waiting for another baby in our house to need it. I love the fact that it can be stored away, such a convenience for people like me that is just living with the in-laws and with limited space!