• Baby Crib Philippines

    What Kind of Baby Crib Do You Need?

    As the technology arises, a lot of innovative products are being produced, especially with the baby needs. The market is so big that almost everything the baby needs, our era has an invention for it! Like this topic that I am going to discuss, Baby Cribs. They were created since the 18th century, but my oh my, nowadays, there’s a lot of kinds to choose from: Kinds of  Baby Cribs in the Market: Wooden Standard Baby Cribs – these are the wooden ones and cheapest ones in the market since they don’t do anything aside from one thing, being a crib. Convertible/Multipurpose Baby Crib – these ones are expensive and…

  • detergent

    From Baby Detergent to Regular Detergent Soap

      A lot of new mommies out there are wondering when they can shift to regular household detergent to lessen the overflowing cost of taking  care of the baby n the best possible way we can. Here’s how I shifted: It’s a funny and often nakakamangha (amazing) that all these things are invented for babies! Back in our mother’s time of raising us, THESE DID NOT EXIST. Just the regular detergents. I am shocked to find out that there’s such thing! It’s like it’s pushing my pockets to another side of the world. I was really hesitant to buy these baby detergent because of their PRICES! Imagine 1KG of baby detergent…

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