Is it Okay to Splurge on Baptism?

Baby Baptism


The answer is a BIG YES! My partner had a very good reason for that.  When the bills were getting higher that our expected budget, I told Rene that I didn’t like what’s happening and maybe we could cut some costs to save more money. He told me, “Baptism is our Thanksgiving to the Lord for Inigo”.

I was blown away for that simple one sentence which made me question myself, like why did I not think of that in that way? I was so selfish. Thinking that Inigo might not probably remember this day, thinking that since we lived in the province, the people who were going to be invited were not my friends, those kinds of pessimistic and unnecessary thoughts hounded me.

Such a beautiful explanation of the importance of Baptism coming from the father of my child. From the moment I heard that, nawala ung panghihinayang ko sa pera, nawala ung doubts ko kung magiging worth it ba ang gastos namin. Dahil sa mata ng Diyos, ito ay pasasalamat. Maraming bagay na dapat ipasalamat sa Diyos, but INIGO is the best gift that Rene and I have ever received. Baptism is also a celebration for the gift of life of God, It’s a marker moment for our son’s journey of faith towards living the life of a Catholic.

After discussing the importance and the reason why we were celebrating that baptism, we dived into planning the details. We decided to hold the Baptism on December 18, 2016 at the NDU Chapel. It was officiated by Father Charlie who is very dear to our family and is almost the adopted son of my mother-in-law. We chose the chapel because it’s also significant since it was located inside the school of Inigo’s father. We chose the theme Nautical because it’s like a journey to Inigo right? It’s like him riding a boat towards Christianity. We chose to give rosaries and thank you cards as our souvenir. It was very special to us because that rosary came from Padre Po Church in Eastwood, wherein we asked for a family. We splurged on the food because we were really thankful and we wanted to share our blessings.

We were lucky because Rene’s “kababata” owns an event styling business so we were free of charge to use their props. They helped us with everything. We were so lucky.

The event came, the event was held in an old Hotel function room. The day was not so perfect, Rene was late because he needed to pick up the cake at the last minute. I remember it was a sunny day. I took my time applying make-up, the family was complete, a van was rented out to accommodate our big family and Inigo looked ready to meet the world.

We arrived at the chapel but did not know that the ceremony was fast! Never did I attend a baptism of anyone else except my sister’s that was 16 years ago! After that, we came to the reception place and found everything was set up already… only we were missing. The event was successful! It was intimate, as I wanted, and fast and Inigo was a good boy all the time!

As I look back, I have no regrets celebrating this, thinking that it’s very meaningful. BUT. That was the time I realized that maybe, this would be the last time that I would celebrate grandly. I believe that the next celebrations would not be as important as this baptism.


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