Spiced Vinegar Recipe

Spiced Vinegar Recipe

I love dips and us Filipinos always have a vinegar in our pantry. When we eat fish, pork or even chicken, it’s always one of our top choices as “sawsawan” (dip).

Our family likes spicy food and what a good way to preserve the chili than putting it inside the vinegar! Not only does it make the vinegar rich in flavor, but in case you need it for your soy sauce or fish sauce in the future, you can always get it and use it in other dips!

With this recipe, I chose to use Del Monte Red Cane Vinegar. Why? Because it is free from preservative and no artificial chemicals! Aside from that, I tried the regular white vinegar and it spiced vinegar definitely tastes better when Red Cane Vinegar is used.

So how do I do it?

At first,  I wash the chili and let it air dry. I make sure that my concoction is free from water because water dilutes the concentration of the vinegar thereby lowering the acidity.

So here’s what we need.

Spiced Vinegar.jpg

Spiced Vinegar by Baking Motherhood RECIPE

It’s really easy as you can see and I guarantee you that it will make mealtime lovelier!

I actually bought a nice bottle and even thinking of gifting it to our special friends! For sure they would love it knowing that I put my love and effort into it.

This is my finish product and I hope that I inspired you to make your gift giving this year, more intentional.



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