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Should You Buy Breast Pump?


Everyone is raving about Breast Pump and honestly, I found it amazing! I never though pumping was possible until I had a little on the way. It’s a nice thing to have but also comes with a hefty price. Should you invest in a breast  pump?

I had a Medela Single Electric Pump. Did I think it was helpful? Yes it was.

But if I will give birth again, will I buy one again? My answer is NO.

Why? Here are the things I have not considered by then, before it was all my pregnancy hormones kicking up that made me purchase a pump!


  1. Are you going to be a full time/stay at home mother?

If yes. Then there’s really no need to buy it! I daydreamed all these wonderful ideas before, that I can buy myself some sleep when my partner can feed my baby my pumped milk . I WAS WRONG. Babies are intelligent! They know if you are there! Sometimes they will take it, a lot of times they will WAIL like shouting “MAMA I KNOW YOU ARE THERE, SHOW ME THAT BOOBY OR I WILL TURN THIS HOUSE DOWN”.. Yup that kind of crying will make your sweet little heart jump for fear!

  1. Are you planning to leave the house for some time?

    Like groceries and the stuff and leave your baby with your relative?

If yes. This is a good idea, it would really be a liberating thing to do and pumped milk standing by is a great way to convince us that everything is going to be alright. But you know what? Once you are a mother, you can never leave your baby for too long. There’s this voice that keeps on telling you “ go home, your baby is waiting dearly for you”. Sometimes again, it works but a lot of times, you will come home and the baby never fed from the bottle. YOU WILL FEEL GUILTY. I am always eaten by my guilt so I never really went outside without the baby.

  1. Are you living with your in-laws and only have one refrigerator?

If yes then you really should not think of pumping and stashing. I did that only to find out that it was beside a fish early in the morning. If you can not control the situation in the refrigerator, the milk might get contaminated, let’s not risk that.


Key Takeaway

if you are going to be full time mother and no plans of getting back to work anytime soon, then there’s no need to buy it. Eitherway, it’s very easy to buy when the time comes and you need it! Just enjoy these direct latches from your baby, anyway, maximum of this kind of bonding with your child is up until 3 years old.


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