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My Self Care Tips without Spending Money

Nowadays, self-care is a very important aspect in our life. Particular in our culture wherein mental illness is always a taboo, no one really talks about it. It’s just these times where artists, public figures and influencers talking about it and started fighting the stigma that comes with it, that self-care became everyone’s priority.

But not all of us can spend a day at the spa, eat our favorite Japanese meal or just simply get out of the house and do something to take away the stress and pressures motherhood entails.

So these are the ones that works for me!

  1. HAVE AN EMERGENCY CHOCOLATE – I always have one hidden in the pantry or in the farthest corner of my fridge. I find myself sneaking one piece at a time, eating it at the restroom and hiding it from my sneaky toddler. I don’t want to share my Timtams with him after all he has put me thru! Just kiddin’! These chocolates makes my toddler appetite go down.
  2. LET HIM HAVE SCREENTIME –I know, it’s bad for the baby but you know what’s worse? Hitting a toddler when I don’t free myself from a worse situation and collect myself again before presenting it. What is more damaging? A 5-minute screen time or an angry yelling mother? Hahaha. But seriously, if you do need a break, let him watch.
  3. SLEEP WHEN HE’S ASLEEP – There is not greater way to distress than to sleep right? Forget about the dishes in the sink, the toys on the floor and the laundry. There’s always time for that.
  4. GO MAKE YOURSELF A COFFEE – Even if its afternoon or evening. Coffee smell already alleviates my stress.
  5. LISTEN TO FEEL GOOD MUSIC – If I find myself so stressed, I usually play “Can’t keep my hands to myself” by Selena Gomez in the loudest volume in my speaker and I forgot the current problems and just soak in when my inner sexy woman calls. OR listen to Conte Partiro by Andrea Boccelli or Habanera while sipping coffee. Playing a classical/opera song with sometimes inaudible lyrics makes the mind calm for a while. Usually if we play music in the language we understand, our brain automatically analyzes and associates it with our memories.
  6. WATCH A FUNNY SERIES – I just discovered Young Sheldon! It’s so easy, light and sarcastic! Dry humor at its finest. Definitely will take your mind off for a while.
  7. CALL YOUR BESTFRIEND – Don’t be afraid to have a talk. Voice out what makes you feel unhappy, for sure this best friend of ours will listen, someone that we don’t usually have a lot at home! Hahaha. Aside from that, he or she will shed light during your dark times. Don’t be shy to tell her you need him/her. When you call, have a disclaimer “pwede bang migrant”, it’s such an ice breaker!
  8. READ A BOOK – It be a new book or an old one, or a real book or an e-book. It will take you away from reality for a while and help you discover new things too.
  9. GET AWAY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media is full of superficial things. Go to new sites, search for a new word, search for something in Google that you really wanted to know more about, plan a trip, or arrange a meet-up. There are better things to do than social media.
  10. CLEAN and DECLUTTER – I don’t know but I find happiness in clearing up spaces. I find comfort knowing that there’s a place in my house that is cleaned.
  11. COOK YOUR COMFORT FOOD – Kahit bawal at nakakasira sa diet! Rene doesn’t want junk goods really available in our pantry and encourages us to have a healthy lifestyle, pero pag stress ako, nilalabas ko ang “tuyo, danggit at itlog na maalat”. We all have memories during happier days, and by eating that food that remind us of those wonderful times, we symbolically consume that past happiness.
  12. GO OUT OF THE HOUSE – Get some fresh air. Inigo and I usually go down to the lobby with our stroller or bike and have a walk. My son and I like going to the playground too. When it rains, we stay in the lobby. Sometimes he gets lucky and have playmates, but if not, we just sit there with our snack and people watch.
  13. Talk to your partner – If everything fails even after ranting to your best friend did not help alleviate the sadness you feel, maybe it can be comforted by someone who really knows what you’re going thru. Nothing is more comforting for me than to talk to my partner who always shows support at the end.

These are just my simple tips, I hope some of these can be beneficial to you too. Always remember that our mental health is as important as our physical health. Stress accumulates and it eats its way in our system. The outside factors also contribute to the unlikely feelings that we have. So always try to de-stress in our own little ways. To make sure that we are functioning in our optimum ways

Love yourself, my dear!

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