Pregnancy Ultrasound

Pregnancy Ultrasoud: What happened with my Php 200

I kept bugging my OBgyne for an ultrasound to find out the gender, and she told me to wait at
least 6 months to be certain with the gender, BUT I DIDN’T LISTEN. I researched and found out that if  you are having a boy, you can find it out as early as 4 months since their penis descends faster! Once it’s a boy, it can never be a girl. As first time parents, we were very excited to know the gender so we could start shopping! HAHAHA.


So, I asked my so trusted receptionist in Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital where to have an ultrasound for a cheaper price, the OLLH price was around Php 800.00 since the sonologist was an OBGYNE also.


She directed me to ALLYSON DIAGNOSTIC CLINIC located in front of the hospital. I went there with Rene and the place was small. It’s not a nice place I tell you, but they were offering Pregnancy Ultrasound for 200 pesos, so should I be picky? We filled up registration forms and waited to be called. When it was our turn, we were directed to this small room, a make shift room, I must tell. It was a little bit dark. I was looking for big machines like those of OLLH and did not find one, but found a tiny screen, more like the old TV style? It was cute, and I guess it was portable. The sonologist asked me to lie down, placed some gel, and I asked her if we could determine the gender.



It took like 5-7 minutes to finally see what the gender was. It was fun and exhilarating! I still remember my partner anxiously waiting with his phone camera. The baby was even showing funny positions like “de-kwatro”, “kalumbaba” and the like. Then our sonologist finally took a shot and said, IT’S A BOY! We were so happy since we really wished for a boy! After that, we called all our family and close friends to say that WE WERE HAVING A BOY!
We were so happy and blessed. I still do remember what I wore which was Rene’s first gift to me, what he wore, how he said it and how we felt. Sharing pregnancy with your partner beside is such a blessing. What a very nice experience you can get from Php 200.

Key Takeaway

To all the mommies out there having the first ultrasound, I suggest you get the cheapest one and save money for your 3D scan. As per checking last week, the Allyson Diagnostic Clinic is still offering the same price.

Will tell you my 3D scan experience in the next blog post.

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