Number Word Recognition

Number Word Recognition for Kids

Since back to school is right around the corner, we has a wide variety of back to school themed worksheets to keep kids engaged and ready for the new school year!

How many of you mommies and parents grew up with those work sheets? I know that I’m not the only one who was scolded by my mom when i forgot to do my homework! Early education is very important, it teaches our children to hone their motor and mental skills from as simple as coloring, tracing and/or maybe computing right?

Numbers are used in almost everything that we do throughout life. Having a child that is having a hard time catching on with numbers and counting can be frustrating. With the right programs, games, and teaching materials, you can teach a child of any age about numbers and counting.

Let’s grab a pencil or a crayon and practice our fine motor skills while practicing our numbers! Please visit for more activities for number word recognition skills and following directions!

Here’s a sample spreadsheet from that I really find interesting and easy to be used as well for early learning kids

Number Word Recognition Number word recognition

Fun Number Activities for Children

For a child who struggles to master counting and numbers, the key to learning is to make it fun. You have to stop focusing so much on the aspect of teaching and focus on the aspect of fun. When you bury learning to count into an activity that is fun, your child will learn how to do it because it is less stressful. They are more interested in playing the game and/or participating in the activity.

Counting Felt Apples

Counting anything cool can be fun for a child. Cut apples out and place them on a felt board over their numbers. This is a great way to work on counting as well as fine motor skills.

Popsicle Stick Puzzle Counting

The popsicle stick puzzle game is both a craft and a fun counting game. You line three popsicle sticks up next to each other and put tape across the back. You want to number the popsicle sticks across the top and decorate them with markers or paint to create a puzzle when they are put together. Once the paint or markers have dried, remove the tape and pull the pieces apart. Using the designs and the numbers, your child can put the puzzle back together.

5 Little Monkeys

For this activity you will need foam cut out trees and small monkey head erasers. While singing the 5 little monkeys song, your child can move the monkey heads around in the tree. You can use the monkey heads and trees to practice basic addition and subtraction as well!

Making 10 Using Egg Cartons

After cutting two slots off an egg carton, you can use the carton to help teach your child how to make ten. You will just need some pom poms to place in each of the ten slots. You can work with your child by putting a few pom poms in a few slots and then asking your child how many more he or she needs to make ten.

Just Remember to Make It Fun

Various card games can also be a great way to teach your child about numbers and counting. As long as you are making the activity more about fun and less about learning, your child will enjoy practicing these skills a little more. One of the biggest problems children have with learning to count is just the stress of not understanding.

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