Why I stopped bringing my phone in the Playground

Inigo and I always go down to the condo’s playground around 5pm for his socializing time. Usually I bring my laptop, use that free time to write my blog and bring my phone to take pictures of Inigo to send it to our loved ones living abroad. This time, I chose not to bring my phone and laptop for a change. It was a nice, peaceful and awakening experience for me to be AWAY from technology. We all know that technology is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it brings people away near, and a curse for making people away when near.

While I was enjoying everything that was happening that moment where I was physically, emotionally and mentally present, a lot of realizations came through.

  1. When you are away from technology, YOU ARE UNAWARE OF TIME:

It’s such a liberating feeling wherein you are not always checking how many minutes have gone, how much time you have remaining until it’s time to cook for dinner, how much time you’ve spent that you could have spent cleaning the house instead. It’s so pleasant not to think about what you’ve missed, what you’ll be doing instead and just focus on the moment without the any worries. In life where we are always doing something because time is limited, it’s nice to stop caring about time and let time run while you enjoy the finer things in life; creating memories with your child.

  1. When you are away from technology, YOU GET TO KNOW YOU CHILD BETTER:

When we are not busy fondling with our phones, we kind of observe everything up to the smallest details of everything. We observe how our child’s eyes sparkle every time they see us waiting for them to slide, we see how carefree they can be knowing we are there, we can see how they grin from ear to ear when we are running after them, and we can see how much they’ve grown. Time flies fast and nothing is better than embedding these kinds of heartwarming event that no matter how simple or small is still one of the experiences only motherhood can bring.

  1. When you are away from technology, YOU FEEL MORE GRATEFUL:

Social media has its way of making us feel less. Though we might have pretty shoes, it somehow makes us feel that hers is better. Without access to these kinds of technology, we appreciate little things more. We appreciate what a good day it is to be with our son. We are thankful that we are here in the moment seeing our child laugh, smile, run, stare, and talk, when we usually take it for granted.

  1. When you are away from technology, YOU BECOME ONE WITH NATURE:

With nothing hindering us from wondering with the nature, we became one with it. We breathe the air, we see the sky and we feel the earth. This is a rare thing that happens in our everyday life when we are busy attending to our needs and busy running after time. We usually take this for granted until we have this time to see all of nature’s beauty.

  1. When you are away from technology, YOU ARE TOTALLY PRESENT:

Everyone wanders in different forms, some wanders thru physical, some wanders thru mental. I am guilty that even though sometimes I am present in the moment, my mind is drifting. Though I am there taking care of my son’s needs, my mind is already upstairs checking the fridge and thinking what I can cook out of the available items. When we are away from our phone, our minds usually focuses on the moment and totally immerse ourselves in the present.

  1. When you are away from technology, YOU CAN CONCENTRATE MORE ON HONING YOUR CHILD’s CHARACTER

In building child’s character, every moment is important, every turning point is crucial and everything he sees or experiences greatly affects his perception in life. When dealing with a child, it is important that we are there to guide them because they don’t know what is right or wrong. being a stay at home mom gives me the advantage to spend more time with him

  1. When we are away from technology, YOU CAN SAVE YOUR CHILD FROM ANY KIND OF ACCIDENT:

Accidents often happen in a split second. What if you have your phone with you and it suddenly rings and you were too busy looking for it. Will you be able to notice that your baby accidentally trips on the slide?

Upon realizing these, I never bring my phone anymore when we are in the playground. Our time together got more meaningful. My mind was more at peace. I really recommend trying to detach from technology as much as we since it will be both beneficial for you and your baby.

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