How to Keep Learning as a Mother

Learning new things has never been my problem. I was talking with a friend about my advocacy. There came a time in my life that I wanted to have an advocacy and was quite confused whether what I was fighting for was right, so then I sought the help of my very logical friend. We had a good conversation and he told me that no matter what the intentions are, as long that I am helping, it is still a good thing to do.

What struck me the most was that he told me my talent was that I KEPT ON LEARNING.

He has known me since I was a high school student and we grew together. He saw my struggles and he saw my highs. He told me I did not cook but I learned how. I didn’t know how to bake but I learned how. I didn’t know about motherhood, but I am still learning to give my best. So those words haunted me, in a good way of course. I felt the need to write about it and somehow share some tips to fuel your thirst for knowledge.

Ever since I was a kid, I knew I always wanted to learn new things. My mom kept telling me that if curiosity killed the cat, I was dead already. She had let me play all day outside and I would only go home when the sun started setting. I always wanted something to do. I never was a couch potato that could stand hours watching TV. I wanted to always move. Now that I am a mother, the THIRST is still there but the time is not always available. So how do I keep learning?


  1. Read a Book

I learn a lot by reading since there’s a whole new perspective that reading can bring. When I was younger, I really liked reading romance and sci-fi books. Now that I have a toddler in tow all the time, I really wanted to know more about life and stopped wondering if other people would meet a Romeo and Juliet type of love. What interests me lately are Karma, Feng shui, Astrology and Raising Kids Psychology approach.

  1. Look for Unfamiliar Words

I love that we don’t need to have a handy dictionary anymore or go to the library to look for the meaning of words. It’s so helpful that we can install Merriam-Webster into our phones so every time we need to learn a new word, it’s just a click away! Hooray to non-redundant words!

  1. Attend Seminars

There are a lot of free seminars that cater to your interest. I was always interested with baking but never knew where to start. So when I saw that there’s a seminar where I can bring my baby and learn at the same time, I grabbed that opportunity. Though it was not free, the experience, wisdom and the friends that I gained are all worth it. Try it! I am attending a new seminar soon too. It’s so convenient to know that someone out there is willing to share their knowledge and skills for an affordable price!

  1. Catch up with an Old Friend

This is a surprise isn’t it? Catching up with an old friend has a lot of benefits. One is the happiness of knowing that you still have a friend despite your mommy life taking you out of the cycle! Haha. Seriously, when you talk to an old friend and catch up, there are new experiences shared, new restaurants tried, new myths debunked, new words used, new information transferred and new learning’s!

  1. Listen to Radio/Podcast

I am guilty of always listening to the same playlist that I have, so I tried going back to old school and listening to Radio DJ’s. I love listening to Radio Jocks since not only do they orient you of who’s going to play next and what kind of music they play, but they also orient you of the weather, the traffic and sometimes even what’s new in Metro! Aside from Radio, I also learned this Podcast, I am new to it and I am loving it!

  1. Make New Friends 

I had the chance to meet this wonderful mom in Inigo’s playgroup. We talked about everything under the sun most especially education. I discovered new approaches in parenting, new promos and schools! Guess who’s going to enroll to the same school as her daughter? That’s us!

  1. Join Facebook Groups

I have this Holy Grail mommy support group where I really learn a lot, as in a lot! From daily tips, hacks, relationship, budget, money matters and everything under the sun they have, and other moms can comment what they know and instant learning area for new moms like me! It’s called Glam-O-Mamas. I also joined baking groups where proven recipes using local ingredients are shared.

I think it’s really important to never stop learning, especially in our ever-changing world. I feel that it’s my responsibly to be grow so that I can be a better mother for Inigo. I feel that since we are more aware of our surroundings and the impact of the things we do towards people, we become a more responsible being.

In my case, learning gave me more self-esteem after I became a mother. I was Stephanie before a mother, and we all know that we lose our identity somehow during the process, and learning new things was my outlet to rediscovering Stephanie. I am a new and improved Stephanie and that’s because of continuous learning.

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