Hiring An All Around Helper with A Contract

Everyone knows how hard it is to hire a helper or as we Filipino’s call “kasambahay” or a yaya. Often times, in dire need of a helping hand, we overlook some of the early signs or some red flags that the one we were going to get already a trouble.

Around last week of August, I got a referral from the other
kasambahays” here in our condominium. That time, I was really tired of taking care of Inigo 24/7 for the past year that I did not really have a yaya or helper. I was not tired of loving him, do not get me wrong here, but I am tired of being constantly with him.

Sometimes I really do wish for an hour of peace from my son. So my wish came true, there comes this lady who really wanted to work for me and she kept on promising that she will come that day. The same scenario for the past 3-4 days until she finally decided to show up and had an excuse why she wasn’t able to come to first agreed date.

My partner and I was hesitant to hire her when she moved the meeting date for the second time, because first of all, if you really wanted a job, you wouldn’t come late right? But she came, and I entertained her still because I really wanted a helping hand. She was good but there were already red flags within a week however I kept on thinking that maybe, we are just different from each other and I respected the difference.

Until the day came where she lied to me and told me that she is going back the following day around noon. She came back night time without even informing me that she was on her way and she did not EVEN SAY SORRY. She acted like nothing happened and it was not a big deal. My fault because I was too lenient with her for the first weeks. I decided that instantly, it is better if we separate ways and she agreed on it too.

I still wanted to have a helper around the house and searched high and low for another one to come by. I realized that looking for a helper/nanny is really all about luck! Luckily, after 4 days, another one came in but this time I made sure that I am setting the boundaries straight so that we will have clear communication. Before I met her, I called her and told her already of the duties that she will perform, and she said she is okay with it. I asked for her ID and I made a contract. This contract is drafted with the help of the downloadable version of DOLE’s “Kasambahay” (Helper)  Contract.

I really do not know if this set up will work but I am very sure that this set up will be better than what I had last month! Please wish me luck that she is the Angel that I am been waiting for, so I can really flourish with blogging and other ventures I wanted to try! I will keep you updated.

You can download it here!

Here’s a sample of what I did

Hiring a Helper Hiring A Helper

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