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The Truth About Health Center Vaccines

  I had 3 friends who messaged me and asked me personally what I thought about health center vaccines and all of them after talking to me, decided to get their vaccines in the health center too? You want to know why? Let’s discuss things that we usually consider before heading out to get the vaccines from the health center.


We worry about the professionalism of the midwife:


All my friends told me that “how can I trust the midwife”? If we compare it to the doctor, of course I believe that the doctor will be better compared to a midwife, but thinking of the experience and frequency of injections administered by the midwife, I am confident to say that perhaps, they are also good! Inigo’s administering midwife was so fast, efficient and as we Filipinos’ call it, “magaan ang kamay”.


I never had a problem with a swollen/bruised leg. They are also trained to how to handle patients properly, like making sure that the injection is sterile, the bottle is shaken before getting it, wiping the area with cotton and alcohol, pressing the legs before injection and so on.


We worry about the quality of vaccine administered


We always think that if we pay the higher price, we get better quality right? Is it applicable in vaccines too? Personally, I believe that if the generic name/the composition/the strands that the vaccine says, it’s the same regardless of the brand. But there is a deal breaker my mommies. Did you know that the private pediatrician offers 6 in 1 injection while the Health Center offers only the 5 in 1 DPT-Hib-Hep B Vaccine plus Oral Polio Drops (OPV).


I remember I was warned by my Pediatrician that it’s not the same as they offer and the Health Center has a big bottle of 5 in 1 and they only measure it via syringe. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Don’t be fooled, Inigo was given a FRESH from the Cooler, not expired, and not tampered single vial of 5 in 1 shot. He was also given Oral Polio Drops. Another example that made me believe that it’s really okay to get the vaccines from the health center is their PCV13 vaccine. I saw that it was Pfizer PCV 13, Not for Sale only DOH something. I asked my friend who had her baby vaccinated at private clinic if it’s the same, she said same number of strands, same 13 strands present in the vaccine. So what’s the difference really?

If you will ask me, with my next baby, will I go to health centers again and get the free vaccines? Certainly.


We worry that not all the vaccines are offered free at Health Center


That is true. Depending on the budget of each barangay are their available vaccines. We were lucky enough because we were friends with the midwife. We got everything except RotaVirus, Measles, Hepatitis A and booster shot of PCV since we are already here in Manila and had an extra money to pay more. I discussed this with my partner, and we both agreed to give way to the people who needs it more than us since the stocks are limited per barangay.


These were the usual questions that my friend asked me while we were talking and I answered them with facts. If you are still doubtful about getting your vaccines at the health center, let’s talk about finances and how much you can save. Here’s a list of what I got from the Health Center:


Vaccine Number of Times Administered Pedia Price Total Saved
6 in 1 3 Php 4,500 Php 13,500
PCV 3 Php 5,000 Php 15,000
H. Influenza B 3 Php 1,500 Php   4,500
Hepatitis B 3 Php 1,000 Php 3,000
GRAND TOTAL     Php 36,000



When I came back in Manila, all the Pediatricians commended me when they saw that I got all that I can get from the centers, they even jokingly said “ang laki ng nasave mo”. Showing this chart to you, it’s really big money right? It was a great help for us when we were starting out as parents. This allowed us to relax more and enjoy Inigo’s baby life without the worry of needing to work hard as soon as possible since we can get these for free!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get what we can from the government, after all, we are all tax payers!

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5 thoughts on “The Truth About Health Center Vaccines”

  1. Lahat ng vaccine ng LO ko sa center din. I didn’t opt for any other vaccine sa pedia, I don’t even opt in sa flu shot at deworming mapa center or pedia. Ewan ko, but as a mom I don’t want to rely on such things, hindi ko din pinapagamot agad kapag kaunting sipon or ubo. Alam mo yung term na “hindi maka doktor” kasi feeling ko lalo lang lumalala ang sakit ng bata and mas nagiging masakitin.

  2. This is so true. Yan nga sabi ko sa asawa ko. I mean, tayo naman before halos sa center lang din diba? Pilahan pa nga sa GYM at barangay hall, ngayon may AC pa mga center. I was having his vaccines sa pedia before then tinry ko sa center samen, walang tao, aircon, napakalinis, mababait, so I chose to have his vaccines na there. Super laki ng na save, may dagdag na panggrocery.

  3. Big savings talaga pag sa center. Besides, midwife from the health centers have their lisence too so why worry? Sa panahon ngayon, dapat praktikal na. For my lo, i went to the center for her vaccine. Hindi naman aabutin ng price ng vaccine ang pagpapagasolina kahit full tank pa yan. Thankful ako kasi maasikaso din ang midwife sa center and they do know what they are doing. Kapag sa pedia directly, grabe parang negosyo. 😁

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