Beach Trip

First Beach Trip with a Baby

After having him baptized, we decided that it’s safe to travel the baby, we usually listen to our elders that it’s safer to travel the baby once baptized.

We were so excited because it’s our first time with Inigo. What’s good  about living in Coatabato is that the beach is just 30 minutes away from our house! We decided to leave around 7am so that Inigo can enjoy the sea without the sun.

Here are some of the things that we prepared to make sure that he will have a wonderful time at this beach trip!

  1. Rashguard – I made sure that it was longsleeves, to avoid too much exposure. Here’s what he wore 🙂 I also wore this to him when he woke up to lessen the hassle of changing him in the resort. Diaper is still there and will just be removed when we arrive.
  2. Mustela Sunblock – apply before leaving the house for maximum protection.
  3. Swimava Neck Floater – I enjoyed, he enjoyed everyone was amused! I really love this and i recommend that you try it
  4. BABY BANZ Sunglasses – sunglasses that are designed for babies!

Here is Inigo sporting the SWIMAVA Neck floater and BABY BANZ SUNGLASSES for him to fully enjoy the beach experience

  1. Stokke Foldable Bath Tub – I need to give this credit again to my partner, he always make sure that Inigo will be comfortable. This is optional. WE only stayed for 4 hours and it was not a high end resort.
  2. Clean Water for Banlaw – Rene took atleast one bottle fo Absolute (6 liters) with us to make sure that Inigo can have banlaw without waiting in line. I think this is important too, sincethe place we were going to is a remote place.
  3. Bath Robe – as soon as the baby leaves the water, put on some bathrobe because they don’t have enough fats yet to regulate their body that fast.
  4. Towels – we have brought atleast 2 sets.
  5. Baby Bouncer – such a convenient thing to bring! A place where we can put the baby while he is resting and making sure that he enjoys every moment of it! Also must have so you can enjoy your food! Put him there while eating

LOOK AT THIS LITTLE BOY enjoying the resort while in his bouncer! Gave us freedom while we enjoy looking at him and chatting with our dear friends

  1. Mustela After Sun Lotion – gives fast relief to the skin
  2. Clothes for change
    1. 2 Footed Pajama – convenient to use, if you don’t have, a pajama and socks would do
    2. 2 Tshirt – choose the easiest one to wear
    3. 6 Diapers – you will never have enough
    4. 1 Jacket – sometimes the wind is to breezy
    5. 2 Bib – for that extra dool
    6. 5 Lampin
    7. 2 Blanket
  3. Toiletries
    1. Mustela Cleansing Gel
    2. Mustela Lotion
    3. Cotton Balls/Cotton Buds
    4. Wash Clot
    5. Mansanilla Oil – though some pedia says that it’s not advisable, we use it everytime iigo came from swimming, to give him comfort from the cold.


  1. Don’t expose your baby to the water too much. Maximum of 30 minutes only. Though he might look that he doesn’t’ have a problem staying longer and seems like having fun, overexposure can lead to colds and coughs (according to our elders)
  2. Be calm. Babies are like dogs, they usually absorb the energy that you have.
  3. Takes lot of pictures. These babies grow too fast!
  4. If you can find a swimsuit that is UV/Thermal, I think it would be better but not practical. Hehe.

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