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Dream Bag Turned into Dream School for My Child

I still remember how bags fascinate me, how I research on the history of an iconic bag, how much it costs and how I can afford it. I think all my friends wanted to have that Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci or Balenciaga bag and seeing them wearing those, wanted me to have at least one too. I started with one and I did not know that it was addictive, I wanted to have more and more and it never stopped until I became a mother!
Actually, it did not really stop until now, sometimes when I browse my Instagram or facebook feeds, I still see beautiful bags and I really wish to have those too, but then PRIORITIES kick in. When I was single, I did not really have an idea of what life is and what it should be. My decisions in life was made merely out of impulsiveness, peer pressure and emotions. I did not regret the decisions that I have made in life, since I purely believe that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t with my mix of past decisions, hahaha.
Then time came when Inigo and I needed some help socialising, we decided to enroll him at Gymboree while he was still 18 months old. His tuition fee for 6 months can already buy me a decent luxury brand, but I know that I needed this more than a new bag that would just be hanging in the closet since we are not always going out.
It was okay, our money spent for Inigo’s playschool is worth it. Inigo’s temperament changed, he outgrew his aggressiveness and he became more sociable with other kids. He’s been enrolled for 10 months now and I really saw the change and the eagerness in him to learn. I saw that the learning experience that Gymboree provided was the right approach for Inigo and that’s why we started, our school hunting.
While Inigo was still in my tummy, Rene and I, were always passing by this Key’s Manila School. I never heard of it but for an unknown reason, Rene kept telling me that it’s his dream school for Inigo. The logical and practical me got my phone immediately and searched for the tuition fees of that school. When I saw that their school fees were too much, I shrugged Rene off, and told him that it’s too impossible to enroll Inigo since we couldn’t afford it that time. He just laughed and told me that his son will be studying there.
Fast forward 3 years, we are now processing his application in Key’s School Manila. It’s beyond our budget but I consider this as a challenge and I believe that nothing is more precious than being able to give the best to your child.
So for the years to come, I will say goodbye to dream bags and I will start achieving for my son’s future.


“Preparing for your son’s future is the greatest luxury in life”

-Rene Lee Isnani April 2, 2019

3 thoughts on “Dream Bag Turned into Dream School for My Child”

  1. great decision mom! when it comes for our children the want/dreams of every moms specially for material thinga becomes less priority 🙂

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