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SSS MATERNITY BENEFIT: How to claim even if unemployed

I am going to discuss the option of claiming SSS for unemployed/voluntary payer like me because the maternity claim for working pregnant women is a different story.

When I told someone, I knew (Abby) that I was pregnant, she congratulated me and told me to arrange my SSS. I thank her for informing me as soon as possible. Thanks girl! Mwuah!

As soon as my husband came home from Beijing, we went to SSS Recto to check how to claim the maternity benefit and what the requirements were. We went there March 15, 2016 and they told us that I needed to update my payment first. Luckily, the last call for quarterly payment was March 17, 2016. Also, two valid IDs must be presented as well as the original ultrasound as a requirement needed for Maternity Notification.

Apparently, we needed Php 1,760 x 3 = Php 5,280 so I told Rene to come up with something to not miss this investment. We just needed to pay three times, which could be reimbursed with the same amount up to Php 35, 000. Rene told me that he would definitely do something about it, and I trusted him. Here comes the fun part. I felt agitated during the day we would settle the amount because if we would not be able to pay, we would not be able to receive the maximum payout. He was still working part time and just excused himself around 3pm. He called me and told me to go down, cross the streets and wait for the FX that he was riding (He was coming from Ortigas whereas I in Sta. Mesa, and we were going to Recto. I waited until I saw a familiar face in the FX. We both looked happy since we knew that what we are doing is the best for us.

As we arrived at around 4:30 Pm, Rene rushed upstairs to pay my SSS contribution while I arranged my maternity notification. We walked away feeling accomplished, and they said that it would be released after 2 months of submission of MATERNITY REIMBURSEMENT FORM.

I gave birth on Oct 22, 2016 and I received a sum of 40,000! What a great investment indeed! Hahahaah..

Did you know that you can compute more or less how much you are going to get?

Here’s the link: SSS Maternity Benefits

Can you still avail of the benefit even if you’re a stay-at-home mom or currently unemployed?
HR specialist Loida M. Pondevida says yes as long as you’ve posted at least three monthly contributions before the semester of your date of delivery. She advises checking your membership status first by requesting a Static Information Sheet from SSS. Take note under the current law you can only apply for SSS Maternity Benefit for your first four pregnancies or failed pregnancies whether you’ve claimed them before or not.

Next on my topic list is, how I PREVENTED STRETCHMARKS.

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