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Dream Bag Turned into Dream School for My Child

I still remember how bags fascinate me, how I research on the history of an iconic bag, how much it costs and how I can afford it. I think all my friends wanted to have that Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci or Balenciaga bag and seeing them wearing those, wanted me to have at least one too. I started with one and I did not know that it was addictive, I wanted to have more and more and it never stopped until I became a mother!
Actually, it did not really stop until now, sometimes when I browse my Instagram or facebook feeds, I still see beautiful bags and I really wish to have those too, but then PRIORITIES kick in. When I was single, I did not really have an idea of what life is and what it should be. My decisions in life was made merely out of impulsiveness, peer pressure and emotions. I did not regret the decisions that I have made in life, since I purely believe that I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t with my mix of past decisions, hahaha.
Then time came when Inigo and I needed some help socialising, we decided to enroll him at Gymboree while he was still 18 months old. His tuition fee for 6 months can already buy me a decent luxury brand, but I know that I needed this more than a new bag that would just be hanging in the closet since we are not always going out.
It was okay, our money spent for Inigo’s playschool is worth it. Inigo’s temperament changed, he outgrew his aggressiveness and he became more sociable with other kids. He’s been enrolled for 10 months now and I really saw the change and the eagerness in him to learn. I saw that the learning experience that Gymboree provided was the right approach for Inigo and that’s why we started, our school hunting.
While Inigo was still in my tummy, Rene and I, were always passing by this Key’s Manila School. I never heard of it but for an unknown reason, Rene kept telling me that it’s his dream school for Inigo. The logical and practical me got my phone immediately and searched for the tuition fees of that school. When I saw that their school fees were too much, I shrugged Rene off, and told him that it’s too impossible to enroll Inigo since we couldn’t afford it that time. He just laughed and told me that his son will be studying there.
Fast forward 3 years, we are now processing his application in Key’s School Manila. It’s beyond our budget but I consider this as a challenge and I believe that nothing is more precious than being able to give the best to your child.
So for the years to come, I will say goodbye to dream bags and I will start achieving for my son’s future.


“Preparing for your son’s future is the greatest luxury in life”

-Rene Lee Isnani April 2, 2019

Feeding Essentials

Feeding Essentials

So here comes the exciting part for a first time mother – baby’s first solid food! After 6 months of purely just sleeping, burping, changing diaper and breastfeeding comes this new milestone and of course, everyone’s excited! Grandparents are a little bit more assertive with what they feel as soon as they see our little ones already holding their selves up after prompting them, akala nila pwede na pakainin! They sneak out when we don’t know, making every little thing Inigo’s first food! I even saw Ammah giving Inigo ice cream at 5 months. During that time, I felt so bad so I never ever let Inigo out of my sight again because I really wanted to follow the Tamang Kain.

Before really introducing Inigo to the world of solids, I did a lot of research and bought ALL OF THE FEEDING ESSENTIALS OUT THERE. There’s no joke when I say ALL! I bought masher, food processor, steamer and blender in one, bowls, different kinds of spoon– name it, I have it! So this will be a comprehensive summary of the things I personally used:

1. Oxotot Roll Bib


Php 895

A waterproof bib that CATCHES all the food and can be rolled up and brought anywhere.– upper part is made of cloth to assure baby’s comfort


-wipeable and very easy to clean


YES! YES! YES! I have these until now and the Velcro is still in perfect condition! Very convenient for moms on the go.
2. OXOTOT WEANING SPOONFirst spoon for babies– has A TRAVEL CASE


– metal but the tip is coated with silicone, gentle to gums

– not prone to dirt compared to the all plastic ones

-holds just the right amount per serving

-ergonomic handle for better grip

YES! Though a bit pricey, design and portability is what I love mostly about Oxotot. No other spoon is like this!
3. Oxo Tot Divided Feeding Dish


Php 595

First plate for weaning babies.



Has two compartments for different foods.

-perfect for travelling especially when you feed them with cereals


-two separate compartments

-with an airtight cover to easily store leftovers

-I love the fact that it’s really ergonomic. It even has a training lid that can be used with snacks when baby’s older.


– I guess a bowl can do the same, for a lesser amount.

PS. If you put squash puree, it’ll absorb the color and after 5-6 washes, it will come back to normal color

4. Boon Squirt Spoon


Php 500

A squeezable spoon wherein you can put baby’s food inside and can proceed to one hand feeding– easy to use


-less mess, less dishes to wash

-portable, can put home-made baby food for travel

NO, it’s a waste of money for me.
5. Heat Sensing SpoonA silicone spoon that changes its color when it’s too hot for the baby.– tells you if the food’s temperature is suitable for baby’s mouth


-made of silicone, so gentle for baby’s mouth

NO, I think we can do the checking of temperature by ourselves.
6. Boon Fresh Food Feeder-enables you to give your baby the first taste of food without the fear of choking– made of silicone


– easy to clean and use

– baby enjoys nibbling on it

– easier to introduce food especially fruits

YES! I find this brand second to oxotot, cleverly thought. Love that it’s made of silicone.
7. Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle PopDesigned for baby’s hands and perfect size of 1oz per serving– perfect for baby’s hand


– perfect size for starters

– very safe for baby’s to use

– wide base to catch drip

MANY YES! Had this shipped from Amazon and it has many uses! From breastmilk lollies to fruitsicles!


A. Oxotot Baby Food Freezer Tray 0.75oz

Php 545

B. Oxotot Baby Food Freezer Tray 1oz 2pack Php 895

Designed to hold .75oz of puree for freezing



Designed to hold 1oz of pureed food for freezing

-silicone, easy to use and clean


-with cover


NO. From my experience, an Ice Cube Freezer Tray with Cover can do the same for only 99 pesos.


A. Oxtot Baby Blocks 2oz Php 895

B. Oxotot Baby Blocks  4oz

Designed for storing large portions of pureed food and serving baby on the go.– airtight, watertight and leak proof


-clear and with measurements


-perfect size


YES! I love these! So convenient for tamang kain and helpful for Working Mothers to monitor baby’s solid food intake. I am still using it to portion fruits and snacks. But if you want to be more practical, it’s better to buy Avent Milk Storage Cups. I just love this because it’s aesthetically pleasing in the fridge because of its tray.
11. Avent Milk Storage CupsDesigned to be used for breast milk and food storage.-Cheaper compared to Oxototo Food Blocks


-More durable than Oxotot Food Blocks (I had a lot of Oxotot that were shattered by falling). This brand, no shattering

-Stackable and WRITEABLE

-BIGGER OUNCES, more food can be put

SUPER YES! Used this for breast milk, pureed food, juice, snacks and anything in between! It’s really durable and can be used as feeding cup on the go!
12. Pigeon Anti-Bacterial WipesWipes that can kill 99.99 percent of Bacteria-KILLS GERMS


-Food Grade Ingredients

YES! It’s the only baby wipes that says it can kill germs (can be used to clean dropped utensils). Perfect for on the go moms!
13. Tomee Tippee Travel Food WarmerPortable way of heating up food without electricityThis is like a thermal container which is filled with water. If food needs to be reheated, just drop it inside.NO, waste of money! You can use the normal flask which does the same thing.
14. Oxotot Soft Spout Sippy CupSoft spout sippy cup that holds up to 6oz-love the ergonomic handle


-soft spout that’s easy to manipulate for baby who was breastfed

-can grow with your child

YES! YES! Never bought another sippy cup because I am so satisfied already, EASY TO CLEAN too, transparent and wider openings.

I hope this helped you have an idea kung anong kailangan at hindi kailangan. Don’t follow me; I was a hoarder that time! I wanted to try everything by myself to know whether things are good or not. Now I am stuck with lots of spoons, cups, food containers that I really did not enjoy using.

Next post, we will discuss, is it really a need to buy a Food Processor