How to Keep Learning as a Mother

Learning new things has never been my problem. I was talking with a friend about my advocacy. There came a time in my life that I wanted to have an advocacy and was quite confused whether what I was fighting for was right, so then I sought the help of my very logical friend. We had a good conversation and he told me that no matter what the intentions are, as long that I am helping, it is still a good thing to do.

What struck me the most was that he told me my talent was that I KEPT ON LEARNING.

He has known me since I was a high school student and we grew together. He saw my struggles and he saw my highs. He told me I did not cook but I learned how. I didn’t know how to bake but I learned how. I didn’t know about motherhood, but I am still learning to give my best. So those words haunted me, in a good way of course. I felt the need to write about it and somehow share some tips to fuel your thirst for knowledge.

Ever since I was a kid, I knew I always wanted to learn new things. My mom kept telling me that if curiosity killed the cat, I was dead already. She had let me play all day outside and I would only go home when the sun started setting. I always wanted something to do. I never was a couch potato that could stand hours watching TV. I wanted to always move. Now that I am a mother, the THIRST is still there but the time is not always available. So how do I keep learning?


  1. Read a Book

I learn a lot by reading since there’s a whole new perspective that reading can bring. When I was younger, I really liked reading romance and sci-fi books. Now that I have a toddler in tow all the time, I really wanted to know more about life and stopped wondering if other people would meet a Romeo and Juliet type of love. What interests me lately are Karma, Feng shui, Astrology and Raising Kids Psychology approach.

  1. Look for Unfamiliar Words

I love that we don’t need to have a handy dictionary anymore or go to the library to look for the meaning of words. It’s so helpful that we can install Merriam-Webster into our phones so every time we need to learn a new word, it’s just a click away! Hooray to non-redundant words!

  1. Attend Seminars

There are a lot of free seminars that cater to your interest. I was always interested with baking but never knew where to start. So when I saw that there’s a seminar where I can bring my baby and learn at the same time, I grabbed that opportunity. Though it was not free, the experience, wisdom and the friends that I gained are all worth it. Try it! I am attending a new seminar soon too. It’s so convenient to know that someone out there is willing to share their knowledge and skills for an affordable price!

  1. Catch up with an Old Friend

This is a surprise isn’t it? Catching up with an old friend has a lot of benefits. One is the happiness of knowing that you still have a friend despite your mommy life taking you out of the cycle! Haha. Seriously, when you talk to an old friend and catch up, there are new experiences shared, new restaurants tried, new myths debunked, new words used, new information transferred and new learning’s!

  1. Listen to Radio/Podcast

I am guilty of always listening to the same playlist that I have, so I tried going back to old school and listening to Radio DJ’s. I love listening to Radio Jocks since not only do they orient you of who’s going to play next and what kind of music they play, but they also orient you of the weather, the traffic and sometimes even what’s new in Metro! Aside from Radio, I also learned this Podcast, I am new to it and I am loving it!

  1. Make New Friends 

I had the chance to meet this wonderful mom in Inigo’s playgroup. We talked about everything under the sun most especially education. I discovered new approaches in parenting, new promos and schools! Guess who’s going to enroll to the same school as her daughter? That’s us!

  1. Join Facebook Groups

I have this Holy Grail mommy support group where I really learn a lot, as in a lot! From daily tips, hacks, relationship, budget, money matters and everything under the sun they have, and other moms can comment what they know and instant learning area for new moms like me! It’s called Glam-O-Mamas. I also joined baking groups where proven recipes using local ingredients are shared.

I think it’s really important to never stop learning, especially in our ever-changing world. I feel that it’s my responsibly to be grow so that I can be a better mother for Inigo. I feel that since we are more aware of our surroundings and the impact of the things we do towards people, we become a more responsible being.

In my case, learning gave me more self-esteem after I became a mother. I was Stephanie before a mother, and we all know that we lose our identity somehow during the process, and learning new things was my outlet to rediscovering Stephanie. I am a new and improved Stephanie and that’s because of continuous learning.

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Mommy Hacks

What to do with leftover Juice/Yogurt/Shakes

                  Do you always find yourself left with juices, milk, drinks from tetra pack? Do you always FINISH it para hindi lang sayang, never ever looking the calories it takes? DID you? I know all moms do this, instead of throwing out leftover drinks, we drink it! Worry now more! I have a solution that’s a win win for everyone without US getting fat!

 Turn all your left over Juice/Yogurt to Popsicle Sticks!

Perfect for teething babies and as reward to obedient toddlers who just finished their meal!

Imagine, their chuckie chocolate milk will turn into chocolate ice cream, I don’t think any kids would say no to this yummy treat!

Easy, no mess, cheap and super win win situation for all the busy moms out there!

Here are my some of my recommendations that can be easily bought and pasok sa budget!

  1. Popsicle Maker with A Ring Holder – this is perfect for little hands, it’s easier and fun to hold for them too! If you have time, get this since it’s only Php 218  and BPA free already! The down side is this takes 15-20 days of shipping.

Popsicle Mold For Kids

2. 4 Piece Popsicle mold – cheapest in the market and most space saving in our freezer! For only Php 67, what is there to lose?

Shopee Popsicle Maker

3. THIS IS THE BEST FOR ME. Tried and Tested and will definitely recommend if you have the budget for it! This is perfect for littlest of the hands out there! I love it because we can even measure! Each popsicle is only 1oz 🙂

I found out that BabyMama.PH is having a sale! Check it out!


What else are your mommy hacks mommies? Let’s share!

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Vitamins For Breastfeeding Mothers


                  Its very important for us new mothers to drink post natal vitamins, because when we gave birth to our babies, all of the extra nutrients came out with him. Here’s what I take and the reason behind it. Also, my OBGYNE recommended to take these until Inigo’s 6 months.


    1. DHA+EPA – These are equivalent to Omega 3 Fatty Acids. It supports the development of the baby’s brain, eyes and nervous system and it can be passed on to your baby by breast milk
    2. Vitamin A,C,E and Zinc –It helps boost immune system,  A study conducted by the Australian Maternal and Child Health Service found that new mothers who supplemented with zinc had improved energy levels while their babies had less incidence and severity of infant colic.
    3. B- Complex – to help optimize conversion of food into energy that the body can utilize.


    1. IRON- for u nursing moms that’s always puyat.
    2. FOLIC ACID – very important that breastfeeding mothers get atleast 500mg a day because it helps your body produce red blood cells.


    1. CALCIUM – Studies have shown that women often lose 3 to 5 percent of their bone mass during breastfeeding, although they recover it rapidly after weaning. This bone loss may be caused by the growing baby’s increased need for calcium, which is drawn from the mother’s bones. So we should continue to drink supplements to make up for the loss calcium in our body.
    2. VIT D – is usually the partner of calcium for better absorption.


    1. BIOTIN –  is an essential vitamin which has been found in clinical trials to thicken hair and stimulate hair and nail growth.
    2. ZINC –  helps maintain the structural integrity of nails, hair and skin and promote healthy immune system

*This helped me lessen the hair fall during my third month of post partum

You can buy this vitamin here:

Blackmores Nails, Hair and Skin 60 count


1. Immune System Support – The majority of immune cells are actually located in the gut as that is where the most bacteria are located in. Taking probiotics helps support a healthy immune system by having an anti-inflammatory effect.

2. Normalizing gut health and bowel movement – Probiotics are also play an important role in normalizing bowel movements and are used to reduce the length and duration of diarrhea and can reduce symptoms of those that are chronically constipated.

*I think this really helped me counter the effect of having too much iron in my system, I never had a problem with constipation after giving birth. We all know how hard it is to be constipated when you are healing from brith, whether it’s normal or CS delivery.

You can buy this vitaimin here:

Nature’s Way Adult Vita Gummies Daily Probiotic 80S

Aside from these, I made sure to drink a lot of fluids, ate a lot of sinabawan (soup) viands , rest if I can and only think about positive thoughts. I never entertained negativity because I was enjoying the gift of life.

I drank these until Inigo was 6 months old and I am proud to say that Inigo nor I never had sickness. I guess taking care of yourself properly will lead you to produce more milk in the future. I am currently 29 months post partum and I still do have lots of milk.

My advice to mommies out there who wants to  continue breastfeeding, keep drinking vitamins in order to help our body produce more milk.

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House Helper

When your House Helper Leaves Unexpectedly

When your House Helper leaves, do not feel that you done something wrong or you weren’t enough. It’s not about how you treated them that made them decide to leave, because for sure, just like me, you treated them like a family and cared for them as much as I do.

When your House Helper leaves, do not take it personally. They usually come and go. They have this mentality that they can leave you and when they want to be back to your arms, you will welcome them. If you do not welcome them, they know that they can easily get another job that will compensate them as much as we do or even more.

When your House Helper leaves, do not lose hope. As much as we need help and as much as we wanted to trust them that they would be there for us as much as we were there for them, you cannot expect that it would be the same way. We were brought up differently, so we can not expect them to value us the way as we value them

When your House Helper leaves, do not lose your kindness. We usually think that we gave too much and we were too lenient that’s why it happened to us, but I believe that doing good continuously will bring more to us than being too unkind. Let’s not bring the bad memories to our new phase in life. If it happened this time, we are not sure if it’s going to happen again in the future whether we show kindness or we show indifference, since we will not gain anything showing indifference towards anybody, let’s just plant kindness along the way.

When your House Helper leaves, here’s what you should do

  1. Be thankful

For the time that she has served us. Though it was short, it was still two more hands in the house right?

  1. Be grateful

That she chose us instead of others. Choosing us is already a privilege. Again, though the time with her was cut abruptly, thinking this would help us not garner ill feelings towards her.

  1. Learn from it

This is the greatest thing that we should do in the said situation. Assess yourself what you may have done to this kind of situation. Internalize and try to connect all the things that you may have done or done too much, in my case, I was too lenient even though I was already seeing the red flags.


After being grateful and learning from the situation, House Helpers leaving you also have some benefits:

It Improves Your Life

I think this is the best part every time when a House Helper leaves you unexpectedly. You learn more about yourself, what your disposition in life is and your path becomes clearer on how you want to live your life so next time a House Helper comes in, it’s not hard to adjust again.


It Helps You Establish Principles and Standards

This for me is the trickiest part, I grew up in a household where there was no House Helper around and it was my mom and I who did all the chores. Now that I am managing my own household it’s like a test for me how to do it on my own. I needed to step up and have my own principles in life. Having someone with you, you learn what is right and wrong in your house and slowly, you can acquire your ways according to your standards.


It Helps You Become More Organized

With every House Helper that leaves me, I learned how to organize my head and how make sure that the House Helper does what she needs to do. I learned tips and tricks how to make our life easier such as printing an everyday checklist, monthly schedule and I even learned how to use excel calendar for her payment so that I would not miss or


It Helps You to Be More Flexible

When a House Helper leaves when you least expect it, you have no excuse to do everything that she left behind so you learn to adapt and quickly look for ways to make things easier, better and faster.



Cheer up Mama, time will come and we will find our perfect Angels that will treat us like we treat them. Let’s take it as a challenge, our elders did it without help long time ago, what’s the difference now? As everyone says, it’s all about time management! We can do it!

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Hiring An All Around Helper with A Contract

Everyone knows how hard it is to hire a helper or as we Filipino’s call “kasambahay” or a yaya. Often times, in dire need of a helping hand, we overlook some of the early signs or some red flags that the one we were going to get already a trouble.

Around last week of August, I got a referral from the other
kasambahays” here in our condominium. That time, I was really tired of taking care of Inigo 24/7 for the past year that I did not really have a yaya or helper. I was not tired of loving him, do not get me wrong here, but I am tired of being constantly with him.

Sometimes I really do wish for an hour of peace from my son. So my wish came true, there comes this lady who really wanted to work for me and she kept on promising that she will come that day. The same scenario for the past 3-4 days until she finally decided to show up and had an excuse why she wasn’t able to come to first agreed date.

My partner and I was hesitant to hire her when she moved the meeting date for the second time, because first of all, if you really wanted a job, you wouldn’t come late right? But she came, and I entertained her still because I really wanted a helping hand. She was good but there were already red flags within a week however I kept on thinking that maybe, we are just different from each other and I respected the difference.

Until the day came where she lied to me and told me that she is going back the following day around noon. She came back night time without even informing me that she was on her way and she did not EVEN SAY SORRY. She acted like nothing happened and it was not a big deal. My fault because I was too lenient with her for the first weeks. I decided that instantly, it is better if we separate ways and she agreed on it too.

I still wanted to have a helper around the house and searched high and low for another one to come by. I realized that looking for a helper/nanny is really all about luck! Luckily, after 4 days, another one came in but this time I made sure that I am setting the boundaries straight so that we will have clear communication. Before I met her, I called her and told her already of the duties that she will perform, and she said she is okay with it. I asked for her ID and I made a contract. This contract is drafted with the help of the downloadable version of DOLE’s “Kasambahay” (Helper)  Contract.

I really do not know if this set up will work but I am very sure that this set up will be better than what I had last month! Please wish me luck that she is the Angel that I am been waiting for, so I can really flourish with blogging and other ventures I wanted to try! I will keep you updated.

You can download it here!


Here’s a sample of what I did

Hiring a Helper Hiring A Helper

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Stay at home mom

Benefits of Being A Stay At Home

A lot of career woman that I know that suddenly chose the Stay at home mom life often succumb to the feeling of in adequateness because their usual kick of joy from achieving goal-oriented/work-related things disappear. At isa ako sa mga babeng nanay na ganun. Though a lot of times I am grateful of what I have now, I can’t help but to re-live the past when I was being recognized at work, having this financial freedom and being free in general.

As I embark this journey or motherhood, it was only around Inigo was 18 months that I had reached my full circle, meaning the denial of being JUST a stay at home mom is over! Tanggap ko na. I accepted my disposition in life. I realized that Inigo doesn’t need money or security at the moment. He doesn’t even have an idea of WHAT LIFE IS. Our baby only needs one thing, their mother.

So what’s the benefit of being a stay at home mom? Maybe the one reading is at her dark days just like I did, so go on and believe that in time you will come to your own full circle.


  1. We never miss a milestone – I took everything for granted until one of my single mom friend told me, “You are lucky you are there to capture these moments”. Their first smile, first laugh, first time to sit, first time to eat, first time to talk and the lists go on. They can never happen again.
  2. We are happier – meaning gone are the days that we need to achieve something, buy something, prove something in order for us to feel good and empowered. Keeping the baby unharmed for a day is already a milestone for first time moms! Hahaha. Keeping the house clean for 4 hours is already a big wow for mothers who’s living with a toddler. I love what this motherhood brought me. It made me feel that little things, matter too.
  3. We aren’t stuck in traffic – imagine how awful this might feel to some people who need to brave the road just to get to work! They need to at least give 1-2 hours for travelling time, meaning they are stuck in that traffic jam thinking of what could be while we are here appreciating that our toddler can now imitate the sounds of the animals.
  4. We are more flexible – when we were single, we controlled everything. Now that you are a stay at home mom, you are more prone to last minute changes. You’ll want to go to the mall by 2PM but the baby suddenly decides that it’s tantrums time! So you give him an extra 10 minutes of comfort thus making you more flexible than before.
  5. We are more patient – remember the time that you can’t stand waiting for someone? Well when you are a stay at home mom, your never-ending exposure with a baby boss makes patience your virtue. Hahaha.
  6. We are more creative – living alone with kids make you creative in different ways. Their laugh and their smile are so addictive that you will do anything out of the box just to hear their happy voices.
  7. We are more grateful – I have never felt more grateful since I became a stay at home mom. I am grateful for a 10-minute extra sleep, I am grateful for all the grocery trip because I don’t need to worry about money anymore. I am grateful that my partner works hard, and I am grateful that my son is here and smiling. Since we have more time to reflect, we become more grateful especially to God who made all these possible.
  8. We are more positive – since we are not exposed to the stress of living and working with humans that we really don’t like to, we are more balanced and we see life more positively.
  9. We are more in control – WE are in control of our baby’s routine, diet, exposure, sleeping pattern and most importantly, character development. I think character is the most important aspect of raising a child and it can’t be learned in anyway, in any school or from anyone. It is embedded by us, the parents.
  10. We become a better version of ourselves – Frequently, when Inigo is sound asleep at our room, I find myself reflecting on how my day was while doing chores. I assess myself. How I did towards Inigo today, how I managed my time for chores, how I was as a partner to Rene, and how I am generally. If I do think that I missed in parenting somehow with Inigo’s development, I usually find myself buried into Google on ways to best approach that matter. If I find myself that I took Rene for granted or if I exploded at him for a reason that should not be, I compose a message explaining myself and apologizing for my shortcomings. These small things, no matter how small, make me see myself getting better as a person.
  11. We become MADISKARTE – Since our budget is limited and our time is contrasted, we think of other ways to make extra money. I, for instance, suddenly became a baker.


These are all the things that I really realized now that Inigo is 2 years old . Believe me, I was in a dark place too where I often question myself, “hanggang dito na lang ba ako?” But when you fully accept your circle of life and think of motherhood as your “disposition,” not an end, your perspective will become wider and better.

Maybe these are also part of our journey to be the better version of ourselves. Motherhood just increases the velocity of maturity. Never think of motherhood as a hindrance, make it as leverage towards self-worth.

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Self Care Tips

My Self Care Tips without Spending Money

Nowadays, self-care is a very important aspect in our life. Particular in our culture wherein mental illness is always a taboo, no one really talks about it. It’s just these times where artists, public figures and influencers talking about it and started fighting the stigma that comes with it, that self-care became everyone’s priority.

But not all of us can spend a day at the spa, eat our favorite Japanese meal or just simply get out of the house and do something to take away the stress and pressures motherhood entails.

So these are the ones that works for me!

  1. HAVE AN EMERGENCY CHOCOLATE – I always have one hidden in the pantry or in the farthest corner of my fridge. I find myself sneaking one piece at a time, eating it at the restroom and hiding it from my sneaky toddler. I don’t want to share my Timtams with him after all he has put me thru! Just kiddin’! These chocolates makes my toddler appetite go down.
  2. LET HIM HAVE SCREENTIME –I know, it’s bad for the baby but you know what’s worse? Hitting a toddler when I don’t free myself from a worse situation and collect myself again before presenting it. What is more damaging? A 5-minute screen time or an angry yelling mother? Hahaha. But seriously, if you do need a break, let him watch.
  3. SLEEP WHEN HE’S ASLEEP – There is not greater way to distress than to sleep right? Forget about the dishes in the sink, the toys on the floor and the laundry. There’s always time for that.
  4. GO MAKE YOURSELF A COFFEE – Even if its afternoon or evening. Coffee smell already alleviates my stress.
  5. LISTEN TO FEEL GOOD MUSIC – If I find myself so stressed, I usually play “Can’t keep my hands to myself” by Selena Gomez in the loudest volume in my speaker and I forgot the current problems and just soak in when my inner sexy woman calls. OR listen to Conte Partiro by Andrea Boccelli or Habanera while sipping coffee. Playing a classical/opera song with sometimes inaudible lyrics makes the mind calm for a while. Usually if we play music in the language we understand, our brain automatically analyzes and associates it with our memories.
  6. WATCH A FUNNY SERIES – I just discovered Young Sheldon! It’s so easy, light and sarcastic! Dry humor at its finest. Definitely will take your mind off for a while.
  7. CALL YOUR BESTFRIEND – Don’t be afraid to have a talk. Voice out what makes you feel unhappy, for sure this best friend of ours will listen, someone that we don’t usually have a lot at home! Hahaha. Aside from that, he or she will shed light during your dark times. Don’t be shy to tell her you need him/her. When you call, have a disclaimer “pwede bang migrant”, it’s such an ice breaker!
  8. READ A BOOK – It be a new book or an old one, or a real book or an e-book. It will take you away from reality for a while and help you discover new things too.
  9. GET AWAY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA – Social media is full of superficial things. Go to new sites, search for a new word, search for something in Google that you really wanted to know more about, plan a trip, or arrange a meet-up. There are better things to do than social media.
  10. CLEAN and DECLUTTER – I don’t know but I find happiness in clearing up spaces. I find comfort knowing that there’s a place in my house that is cleaned.
  11. COOK YOUR COMFORT FOOD – Kahit bawal at nakakasira sa diet! Rene doesn’t want junk goods really available in our pantry and encourages us to have a healthy lifestyle, pero pag stress ako, nilalabas ko ang “tuyo, danggit at itlog na maalat”. We all have memories during happier days, and by eating that food that remind us of those wonderful times, we symbolically consume that past happiness.
  12. GO OUT OF THE HOUSE – Get some fresh air. Inigo and I usually go down to the lobby with our stroller or bike and have a walk. My son and I like going to the playground too. When it rains, we stay in the lobby. Sometimes he gets lucky and have playmates, but if not, we just sit there with our snack and people watch.
  13. Talk to your partner – If everything fails even after ranting to your best friend did not help alleviate the sadness you feel, maybe it can be comforted by someone who really knows what you’re going thru. Nothing is more comforting for me than to talk to my partner who always shows support at the end.

These are just my simple tips, I hope some of these can be beneficial to you too. Always remember that our mental health is as important as our physical health. Stress accumulates and it eats its way in our system. The outside factors also contribute to the unlikely feelings that we have. So always try to de-stress in our own little ways. To make sure that we are functioning in our optimum ways

Love yourself, my dear!

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Aggressive Toddler

For the Moms with an Aggressive Toddler


            They say that all kids are different right? Some say that their personality is inherited from their parents. Some say that their behavior usually is what they see inside their home.

But not a lot of parents out there understands that there are some toddlers that are aggressive. Inigo is one of them. He is an only child and we believe that babies can’t understand everything. So with that understanding, my partner and I think that the best approach with him is to give him everything that can comfort him except things that can really damage his well-being.

Some say that Inigo became so spoiled. Sometimes I doubt myself too, but, Rene always reassures me that in time, when Inigo can understand fully, we can explain everything, right now, what Inigo needs in just full understanding.

It became my mantra, that every phase of Inigo, I will not be there to judge him but to understand where he is coming from and be patient. It started with throwing things, I thought it was a stage wherein he likes to see the cause and effects of things. At first I got infuriated because I needed to get everything from the floor and sanitize it again. I got used to it and slowly, he stopped throwing things intentionally. Then the aggression started when he turned 18 months. He started hitting kids when kids touches his toys, goes near me or goes too near his personal space. That’s why we decided to enroll him in Gymboree for good to develop his social skills.

When we entered the play area of Gymboree, I knew that he liked our decision for him! He really enjoyed and kept on running, jumping, climbing, shooting and crawling! Everything was really peaceful until some of his classmates joined in. At first, he stared and tried to play with them. Some of the kids responded well while some other kids who are the same age as Inigo constantly had mini-fights whenever they see each other. It was a tough thing for me, to see my son not behaving as well as his other classmates. I did all my research and tried all the techniques on correcting his aggression. What works best for him is that when it happens, I approach him and tell him that it’s not nice thing to do. I tell him that his classmate got hurt because of what he did and he should say sorry and never do it again. Sometimes he does say sorry, sometimes not. But what keeps me motivate is, every time I tell him he did something wrong, you can feel that he slowly is learning from all of it. He will stay still, quiet and chooses not to look you in your eyes. GUILTY LITTLE BOY! Hahaha. He got better now that he is 23 months but fights still happen sometimes.

For all the mommies out there that are experiencing the same thing, please believe that IT IS JUST A PHASE. There are a lot of articles out there saying that aggression is normal for ages 18 months to 36 months. I know you feel judged too, like everyone is looking at you with your kid with a side eye. Perhaps they are thinking that we hit our kids at home? Perhaps they are thinking that we spoil our kids? Maybe they are thinking that we are not doing our best in parenting.

Stop thinking of what other people will think of your child’s development. As long as we are aware that it is just a phase and we are progressively trying to correct it, we are doing our best. Some child really is blessed with a lovely personality. Don’t compare and just trust that your kid will outgrow this phase.

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Is it Okay to Splurge on Baptism?

Baby Baptism


The answer is a BIG YES! My partner had a very good reason for that.  When the bills were getting higher that our expected budget, I told Rene that I didn’t like what’s happening and maybe we could cut some costs to save more money. He told me, “Baptism is our Thanksgiving to the Lord for Inigo”.

I was blown away for that simple one sentence which made me question myself, like why did I not think of that in that way? I was so selfish. Thinking that Inigo might not probably remember this day, thinking that since we lived in the province, the people who were going to be invited were not my friends, those kinds of pessimistic and unnecessary thoughts hounded me.

Such a beautiful explanation of the importance of Baptism coming from the father of my child. From the moment I heard that, nawala ung panghihinayang ko sa pera, nawala ung doubts ko kung magiging worth it ba ang gastos namin. Dahil sa mata ng Diyos, ito ay pasasalamat. Maraming bagay na dapat ipasalamat sa Diyos, but INIGO is the best gift that Rene and I have ever received. Baptism is also a celebration for the gift of life of God, It’s a marker moment for our son’s journey of faith towards living the life of a Catholic.

After discussing the importance and the reason why we were celebrating that baptism, we dived into planning the details. We decided to hold the Baptism on December 18, 2016 at the NDU Chapel. It was officiated by Father Charlie who is very dear to our family and is almost the adopted son of my mother-in-law. We chose the chapel because it’s also significant since it was located inside the school of Inigo’s father. We chose the theme Nautical because it’s like a journey to Inigo right? It’s like him riding a boat towards Christianity. We chose to give rosaries and thank you cards as our souvenir. It was very special to us because that rosary came from Padre Po Church in Eastwood, wherein we asked for a family. We splurged on the food because we were really thankful and we wanted to share our blessings.

We were lucky because Rene’s “kababata” owns an event styling business so we were free of charge to use their props. They helped us with everything. We were so lucky.

The event came, the event was held in an old Hotel function room. The day was not so perfect, Rene was late because he needed to pick up the cake at the last minute. I remember it was a sunny day. I took my time applying make-up, the family was complete, a van was rented out to accommodate our big family and Inigo looked ready to meet the world.

We arrived at the chapel but did not know that the ceremony was fast! Never did I attend a baptism of anyone else except my sister’s that was 16 years ago! After that, we came to the reception place and found everything was set up already… only we were missing. The event was successful! It was intimate, as I wanted, and fast and Inigo was a good boy all the time!

As I look back, I have no regrets celebrating this, thinking that it’s very meaningful. BUT. That was the time I realized that maybe, this would be the last time that I would celebrate grandly. I believe that the next celebrations would not be as important as this baptism.


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Breast Pump

Should You Buy Breast Pump?


Everyone is raving about Breast Pump and honestly, I found it amazing! I never though pumping was possible until I had a little on the way. It’s a nice thing to have but also comes with a hefty price. Should you invest in a breast  pump?

I had a Medela Single Electric Pump. Did I think it was helpful? Yes it was.

But if I will give birth again, will I buy one again? My answer is NO.

Why? Here are the things I have not considered by then, before it was all my pregnancy hormones kicking up that made me purchase a pump!


  1. Are you going to be a full time/stay at home mother?

If yes. Then there’s really no need to buy it! I daydreamed all these wonderful ideas before, that I can buy myself some sleep when my partner can feed my baby my pumped milk . I WAS WRONG. Babies are intelligent! They know if you are there! Sometimes they will take it, a lot of times they will WAIL like shouting “MAMA I KNOW YOU ARE THERE, SHOW ME THAT BOOBY OR I WILL TURN THIS HOUSE DOWN”.. Yup that kind of crying will make your sweet little heart jump for fear!

  1. Are you planning to leave the house for some time?

    Like groceries and the stuff and leave your baby with your relative?

If yes. This is a good idea, it would really be a liberating thing to do and pumped milk standing by is a great way to convince us that everything is going to be alright. But you know what? Once you are a mother, you can never leave your baby for too long. There’s this voice that keeps on telling you “ go home, your baby is waiting dearly for you”. Sometimes again, it works but a lot of times, you will come home and the baby never fed from the bottle. YOU WILL FEEL GUILTY. I am always eaten by my guilt so I never really went outside without the baby.

  1. Are you living with your in-laws and only have one refrigerator?

If yes then you really should not think of pumping and stashing. I did that only to find out that it was beside a fish early in the morning. If you can not control the situation in the refrigerator, the milk might get contaminated, let’s not risk that.


Key Takeaway

if you are going to be full time mother and no plans of getting back to work anytime soon, then there’s no need to buy it. Eitherway, it’s very easy to buy when the time comes and you need it! Just enjoy these direct latches from your baby, anyway, maximum of this kind of bonding with your child is up until 3 years old.


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