Number Word Recognition

Number Word Recognition for Kids

Since back to school is right around the corner, we has a wide variety of back to school themed worksheets to keep kids engaged and ready for the new school year!

How many of you mommies and parents grew up with those work sheets? I know that I’m not the only one who was scolded by my mom when i forgot to do my homework! Early education is very important, it teaches our children to hone their motor and mental skills from as simple as coloring, tracing and/or maybe computing right?

Numbers are used in almost everything that we do throughout life. Having a child that is having a hard time catching on with numbers and counting can be frustrating. With the right programs, games, and teaching materials, you can teach a child of any age about numbers and counting.

Let’s grab a pencil or a crayon and practice our fine motor skills while practicing our numbers! Please visit for more activities for number word recognition skills and following directions!

Here’s a sample spreadsheet from that I really find interesting and easy to be used as well for early learning kids

Number Word Recognition Number word recognition

Fun Number Activities for Children

For a child who struggles to master counting and numbers, the key to learning is to make it fun. You have to stop focusing so much on the aspect of teaching and focus on the aspect of fun. When you bury learning to count into an activity that is fun, your child will learn how to do it because it is less stressful. They are more interested in playing the game and/or participating in the activity.

Counting Felt Apples

Counting anything cool can be fun for a child. Cut apples out and place them on a felt board over their numbers. This is a great way to work on counting as well as fine motor skills.

Popsicle Stick Puzzle Counting

The popsicle stick puzzle game is both a craft and a fun counting game. You line three popsicle sticks up next to each other and put tape across the back. You want to number the popsicle sticks across the top and decorate them with markers or paint to create a puzzle when they are put together. Once the paint or markers have dried, remove the tape and pull the pieces apart. Using the designs and the numbers, your child can put the puzzle back together.

5 Little Monkeys

For this activity you will need foam cut out trees and small monkey head erasers. While singing the 5 little monkeys song, your child can move the monkey heads around in the tree. You can use the monkey heads and trees to practice basic addition and subtraction as well!

Making 10 Using Egg Cartons

After cutting two slots off an egg carton, you can use the carton to help teach your child how to make ten. You will just need some pom poms to place in each of the ten slots. You can work with your child by putting a few pom poms in a few slots and then asking your child how many more he or she needs to make ten.

Just Remember to Make It Fun

Various card games can also be a great way to teach your child about numbers and counting. As long as you are making the activity more about fun and less about learning, your child will enjoy practicing these skills a little more. One of the biggest problems children have with learning to count is just the stress of not understanding.


Breastfeeding Mom Must Haves!

I am blessed to have a partner who loves packing and who is always ready! I give credit to him. I was never a packer nor organized, but this man is on the top of his game when it comes to parenthood. These are the things that he always make sure that we have before we leave. It’s even segregated and put into different sizes of ziplocks

  1. WIPES – NEVER EVER LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT WIPES. It’s a life saver! I always make sure to bring atleast 2 set of wipes
  2. LAMPIN – make sure you have at least 4 because of all the pawis, lungad and it can be used as a cover for dirty places when you need to lay your baby for a while.
  3. EXTRA SETS OF CLOTHES – This includes 2 bibs, 2 shirts, 2 bottoms, 1 long sleeves (in-case you’ll be going to somewhere cold), 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of mittens, 2 cap/bonnet (in case you drop it) and wash cloth
  4. DIAPERS – bring at least 6, you’ll never know right?
  5. Teethers/Rattles – whenever they get bored, give it to them, better than eating their hands! 
  6. Alcohol – always sanitize the place you are going to put the baby, as well as the person who’s going to hold your baby.
  7. Changing Pad – we never know how clean/dirty the changing area would be right? So better bring some extra! Plus if you are in a car, you can change without worries!
  8. Nursing Cover – I always have one in my bag that is never taken out.
  9. BISCUITS – this is for us nursing moms. For that sudden hunger while we are in the jeep/taxi/car! I suggest Muesli bars too if available.
  10. Sanitizing Wipes – applicable for the toy rattles or pacifier that fell and are dirty! Clean it using these to ensure the bacteria is killed! WE HATE GERMS RIGHT? This is different from the regular wipes, Pigeon offers this.
  11. Pacifier/Toy Holder – such a relief knowing that if ever our baby will let go of their toy, it will not come to the point that it would reached the floor! You pin this to your baby’s clothes and the other end is with the toy. Everytime they accidentally drop it, it would be saved! Hahaha.
  12. Blanket – at least 2 please, imagine when you need to put your baby in a place to let him lie down; one is used to make latag and the other one to cover him up.
  13. Nappy Bags – in case the there’s poop and there’s no trashcan, let’s all be responsible and bring our trash to the proper place.
  14. Wet Bag – it’s a life saver since it’s a better option to place your wet bibs/wet lampins that will never make your other things wet.
  15. Breastfeeding Pads – bring 1-2 extra pairs, depends if you are still leaking. I stopped leaking around 3 months.
  16. First Aid Kit – we never know what the future holds, but it is better to be prepared
    1. Thermometer
    2. Paracetamol
  17. Cosmetic Pouch that Holds – I have these in travel sizes
    1. Diaper Cream – I prefer BEPHANTHEN which is available at my shop 
    2. Mustela No Rinse Water – never found any cheaper alternatives yet
    3. Mustela Cleansing Milk – or Baby Flo No Rinse Soap is a cheaper alternative
    4. Cotton Balls/ Cotton Buds – cotton balls and mustela no rinse water is what we use to clean the face after exposure.
    5. Mosquito Repellant Stickers – dengue is much more expensive than buying this! hahaha
    6. Mustela Stelatria Purifying Recovery Cream – my little one is prone to babyacne and scratches from his own nails, this makes his marks gone in a few days.
    7. Hair Brush – who doesn’t like a baby dapper all the time?

A lot of things eh? That’s really the real deal of parenthood. Be always prepared to make your child comfortable, safe and happy at all times.

Beach Trip

First Beach Trip with a Baby

After having him baptized, we decided that it’s safe to travel the baby, we usually listen to our elders that it’s safer to travel the baby once baptized.

We were so excited because it’s our first time with Inigo. What’s good  about living in Coatabato is that the beach is just 30 minutes away from our house! We decided to leave around 7am so that Inigo can enjoy the sea without the sun.

Here are some of the things that we prepared to make sure that he will have a wonderful time at this beach trip!

  1. Rashguard – I made sure that it was longsleeves, to avoid too much exposure. Here’s what he wore 🙂 I also wore this to him when he woke up to lessen the hassle of changing him in the resort. Diaper is still there and will just be removed when we arrive.
  2. Mustela Sunblock – apply before leaving the house for maximum protection.
  3. Swimava Neck Floater – I enjoyed, he enjoyed everyone was amused! I really love this and i recommend that you try it
  4. BABY BANZ Sunglasses – sunglasses that are designed for babies!

Here is Inigo sporting the SWIMAVA Neck floater and BABY BANZ SUNGLASSES for him to fully enjoy the beach experience

  1. Stokke Foldable Bath Tub – I need to give this credit again to my partner, he always make sure that Inigo will be comfortable. This is optional. WE only stayed for 4 hours and it was not a high end resort.
  2. Clean Water for Banlaw – Rene took atleast one bottle fo Absolute (6 liters) with us to make sure that Inigo can have banlaw without waiting in line. I think this is important too, sincethe place we were going to is a remote place.
  3. Bath Robe – as soon as the baby leaves the water, put on some bathrobe because they don’t have enough fats yet to regulate their body that fast.
  4. Towels – we have brought atleast 2 sets.
  5. Baby Bouncer – such a convenient thing to bring! A place where we can put the baby while he is resting and making sure that he enjoys every moment of it! Also must have so you can enjoy your food! Put him there while eating

LOOK AT THIS LITTLE BOY enjoying the resort while in his bouncer! Gave us freedom while we enjoy looking at him and chatting with our dear friends

  1. Mustela After Sun Lotion – gives fast relief to the skin
  2. Clothes for change
    1. 2 Footed Pajama – convenient to use, if you don’t have, a pajama and socks would do
    2. 2 Tshirt – choose the easiest one to wear
    3. 6 Diapers – you will never have enough
    4. 1 Jacket – sometimes the wind is to breezy
    5. 2 Bib – for that extra dool
    6. 5 Lampin
    7. 2 Blanket
  3. Toiletries
    1. Mustela Cleansing Gel
    2. Mustela Lotion
    3. Cotton Balls/Cotton Buds
    4. Wash Clot
    5. Mansanilla Oil – though some pedia says that it’s not advisable, we use it everytime iigo came from swimming, to give him comfort from the cold.


  1. Don’t expose your baby to the water too much. Maximum of 30 minutes only. Though he might look that he doesn’t’ have a problem staying longer and seems like having fun, overexposure can lead to colds and coughs (according to our elders)
  2. Be calm. Babies are like dogs, they usually absorb the energy that you have.
  3. Takes lot of pictures. These babies grow too fast!
  4. If you can find a swimsuit that is UV/Thermal, I think it would be better but not practical. Hehe.
Breastfeeding mom

Must Haves for Breastfeeding Moms

Hi Breastfeeding Moms!

One of the challenges I had was not being able to produce milk for Inigo for three days; however, when milk started coming out, it was a lot that my shirt would get soaked up!

Despite the delayed milk production,

I never experienced pain from being a breastfeeding mom perhaps because either Inigo was really gentle with sucking, or maybe I also made this habit of preventing cracked nipples by applying LANSINOH Cream every time I felt to do so at least 3 times a day.

What I did feel was pressure in my boobs, and the heaviness was as if my boobs were WATERMELONS, hard and full of milk. Since I was a CS mommy, it was challenging carrying my newborn and feeding him every 2 hours while recovering from my stitches. 

Every time our household found my shirt soaking wet, they would compliment me several times day like they had never seen a mommy so into breastfeeding. Despite the overflowing milk, I would still drink my supplements. PLUS in this blog, I will teach you how I make my Malunggay Water! Yes, you heard it right! Malunggay is very abundant in Cotabato and is just five steps away from our house. A wonderful way to ingest it is by infusing it with water or tea and don’t forget to take vitamins


First, let me tell you what you NEED:


  1. BREASTFEEDING PADS: These come in either disposable or reusable pads. Personally, I prefer the disposable ones since these are easier to use and change, and are very convenient especially if you are outside with your newborn. TIP: DO NOT HOARD: I had hoarded a lot before my body regulated the production as soon as my baby was 2 months old. Ever since the leaking stopped, the breastfeeding pads have been stuck in my closet.breastfeeding mom
  2. BREASTFEEDING COVER: They have a lot of styles nowadays — apron, poncho, and a lot more which I forgot how it’s called.  I had all of them but I preferred the apron style since it was really big and easier to wear and store when done. TIP: Get at least two. One always inside your diaper bag, and another in case you have house guests.breastfeeding mom
  3. MALUNGGAY CAPSULE: There are a lot to choose from, but I decided to choose Moringana because it was the cheapest in town. I read that the content is almost the same with other brands. I still drink it now.breastfeeding mom
  4. LANSINOH CREAM: I think this was my savior! I never experienced pain since I applied it like 3 times a day. With or without crack, I apply it to provide extra moisture, and it’s also safe to be ingested by our babies! breastfeeding mom
  5. NURSING PILLOW: Invest in a good one because it will be your best friend! I had one that also can be used as tummy time and lounge chair! Oh, how I love these products that grow with our child.breastfeeding mom
  6. NURSING BRA:  This saves a lot of effort, mommies! Your boobs will be needed between a 1 to 2-hour interval and you need a bra to put your breastfeeding pads! Compared to regular bras which take quite a while, o convenient to use


Aside from these, I drink Malunggay Tea/Water (recipe is here) from time to time and I infuse it with different tea flavors when I am bored with the taste! 

Those are my top 6 picks for all stay-at-home mothers who are just starting this breastfeeding journey. There will be a lot of restless and sleepless nights coming and there would be dark days wherein you are really going to feel exhausted and like a walking zombie, but endure it. I am breastfeeding for 23 months now and I do not regret anything because I think all of the hardships make our relationship with our son more meaningful.

Work From Home

Ways to Earn at Home while being a Full Time Mother

 Everyone is asking me,

if I ever miss working and earning my own money, and honestly, it was one of my demons that I constantly battled within myself and Even thought of Doing Work From Home gigs. I always think that I am lucky that my partner is a good provider and thinking of the traffic, commute, stress and leaving Inigo to a yaya, I don’t see myself working anytime soon.

That doesn’t stop me from wanting to earn for myself. My partner always told me that this is my season to enjoy being a mother and when the right time comes, I can always find a job or do whatever I want. I am a stubborn person and I can’t just rest my mind that I am not doing anything to help MYSELF. Yes, help myself to grow, to learn, to mature and to help a little bit in our family.

            So for the mommies out there that want’s to earn without leaving the house ( Work From Home), here are some proven ways that I personally did and doing whilst being a mother to my superhero spiderman Inigo (yes, he calls himself Spiderman nowadays)

  1. GCASH Load

Have you heard about GCASH? I love this app so much aside from making things easier by letting you transfer money to 20 banks for free, they also offer LOAD. You can load to any NETWORK and earn a REBATE. If you send load to Globe Prepaid, they’ll give you 5%. For example, send Php 100, they will give you back Php 5.00. It’s not much, but atleast you are earning using your fingertips!


This is not for everyone, but if you are a longtime user like I do, they will offer this to you. This is better than putting your money in bank because they offer 4%, compared to other banks that only offer 1-2%. The best part? You can invest as low as Php 50 without leaving the house! Everytime I send load to my loved ones and friends, I kept the change and started investing here. I started last March 22, 2019and my total investment was Php 2,210.87 and as of June 13, 2019, my total value is Php 2,229.19. So my money earned 18.32, not bad considering that I only put extra every week. No hassle investing.

  1. Sell preloved things

This is my favorite way of earning money. Why? Because I see the preloved value of things, I really try to take care more of the things around me. Usually, I sell preloved of my son and one time, while disposing Melissa and Doug items, I got 9,000 in 3 transactions! I was so happy because Inigo enjoyed it and now that he has outgrown it, we can still sell it and buy him new things! This cycle never ends. Just join buy and sell groups, sell in instragram, carousell and Facebook Marketplace!

  1. Bake and Sell Goods

I never imagined myself baking but one day, TESDA offered a free course and grabbed it! From then on, I started baing and experimenting and last Dec 2018, when I was still in Cotabato, my family was very supportive and they chose to use my banana loaves as their Christmas giveaways and I earned a lot and saved it all in my son’s trust fund account. Until now that I am in Manila, my bestfriend sells it for me. Do not be shy to ask people around, they are more willing since support local is being promoted nowadays.

  1. Buy and Sell

Rene, my partner lives in Australia and loves to look for cheap but effective product, thus BAKING MOTHERHOOD SHOP is born. These are the tried and tested items that we use as a family and it really brings more money than all of the things that I have told you. I suggest that you find things that are affordable where your family is staying and start a small online business! I am still trying to set up shopee as of the moment, but I think Shopee doesn’t like me. So anyone who wants to resell my items, let’s talk! I’ll give you discounts and let’s collaborate and maybe this just might be your key to Work From Home

I hope that I inspired you to earn money while staying at home. It’s hard but its really satisfying and ADDICTING. No matter how small the amount is, it still money right? It’s still the accomplishment of selling and helping a little to your family that matters!

Motherhood, Realizations

Learning Your Disposition in Life: A Step to Becoming At Peace

Ever since becoming a mother

I never looked for happiness anymore. Though motherhood is full of ups and downs, having a child is an unforeseen source of endless happiness. A happiness that is so pure and deep that no matter what shit life brings you, the joy that a child brings merits all.

Now, my constant battle is PEACE. I think finding peace in your heart is the greatest struggle in life. I always love and hate this generation. Love because life became easier and more comfortable, hate because of all the things that we see that is unnecessary, but we end up wanting.

From those “goals/achievement” I see in social media, stemmed my constant battle with peace.

As I always see

a lot of mother is struggling saying goodbye to the old life of being single, career driven and financially independent to be a full time stay at home mother, and I was one of them.

It took me 2 years to fully accept that this is motherhood is my season of being SELFLESS, of letting go, of focusing with family and of being dependent on my partner.

We are not rich

we are just comfortable, so sometimes when there’s an opportunity that comes knocking on my door such as a job offer, it disrupts my peace. My mind starts running wild, keep thinking of what if’s and what nots, worrying constantly if what I am doing is right. I kept thinking, I can get a yaya and I can work, my salary at work can be used for our savings, for our future car, and for our future house!

I get excited but when I think of leaving my child to someone I barely know, I get cold feet.

The last job offer I had was 2 months ago and it did not really shake me anymore because I learned to accept and LOVE MY DISPOSITION IN LIFE.

What does disposition mean? It says in the dictionary,

“The way in which something is placed or arranged, especially in relation to other things”

In my case, I define it as “where YOU ARE  now at the moment is the best place where YOU should be that will make YOU nearer to YOUR DREAM”

So when I realized my disposition in my life at the moment, I began taking things lightly and started loving life more.

  1. I realized that where you are now doesn’t mean you are stuck, it just means we are where we are supposed to be.
  2.  I realized that the missed opportunities will be there again knocking in your doorstep but in a different form.
  3. I realized that all of us has our own season. Season to win, season to lose, season to lead and season to surrender.
  4. I realized that LIFE IS NOT A RACE. Who said there was a finish line? Where is it?
  5. I realized that life is complex and WE CAN’T FIGURE THINGS OUT. So why worry?
  6. I realized that happiness is just around the corner, we just need to change the way we look at things.
  7. I realized that there’s a gift in every delay. You will know one day for sure.
  8. I realized that what you think you need, is not really what you need at the moment. You just need to trust the perfect timing.

With all the things that I realized and, by acknowledging and accepting my disposition in life, I became more confident with the future. I stopped worrying and I stopped sweating the small stuff. I learned to take life day by day, rejoiced in simple things and never took things for granted.

I trust that I am in the right position, not near where I want to be but confident that I am on my way. Then, the peace came pouring in. I never lost my peace anymore, it sometimes get shaken but once you figured your disposition, peace is right by your side all the time and will never leave you.

That’s why, having realized your disposition in life, is a step closer to having peace in your heart. Go on, have a walk, take a vacation and talk to yourself and ask, where am I? Am I in the place where I am supposed to be in order to get the future you want?

If you are there, then be thankful and enjoy life. If you are still navigating, don’t worry, tomorrow is another day to look for your place in the world! Live life to the fullest!


Mamacademy – How I attended a Seminar with a Toddler

        I always liked learning, and for sometime, having a baby slowed me down. But when an opportunity rises and I am really eager to grab it, I really do persevere. One great example is the Mamacademy Workshop, Inspire to Blog: Blog to Inspire. IT was the right timing for myself, I said. I was really enthusiastic about blogging and I never have blogger friends that can orient me with how everything works, this promises to awaken your passion inside and give a run down of the things you will need to start a blog.

Holding on to my keenness to attend the said workshop, I sent a message to Mamacademy via Facebook Messenger to ask if it’s okay to attend a workshop with a toddler since  there is no one to look after him. They said that it would not really take so much space in the workshop area and we are welcome to be there! I was ecstatic hearing those words! I felt that this one is for me! I felt that the Universe do feel my vibe and I guess I attracted the right opportunity for me. I discussed with my partner and he couldn’t be happier.

The day before the event came the preparations. I made sure that my phones were fully charged and so is my power bank. Youtube really saves me 30 minutes to 1 hour of peace with Inigo.

I also brought a ziplock full of Lego duplo blocks! It was such a good toy! Build and rebuild equals minutes of never ending play! I also love the fact that almost all of us who attended there were Mommies so every time a lego drops, they instantly picks it up and hand it over to Inigo. Mommy instinct perhaps? Also the fact that during the times Inigo made some noise, I NEVER FELT JUDGED.

Of course his super favorite treats were present! Breadsticks, Yanyan, and Skyflakes packed accordingly. And you know what really saved the day? I had 3 kinder eggs hidden in my bag, for emergency purposes and lollipops! Inigo that day was such a sweetheart.

Bring a stroller with pillow and blanket. This is incase if he will fall asleep which he did not.

Choices of his favorite beverage will also be beneficial! Aside from water, I brought Chuckie and Dutch mill in case he needs a good mood booster!

That day was such an amazing day for Inigo and I. It strengthened our bond and I really felt proud as a mother for raising a child that’s really cooperative! I did not expect that it would go smoothly, especially for Inigo’s age, 22 months old who is prone to emotional breakdown? I was surprised with Inigo’s behavior and really made me realize that what I am doing with him is on the right track.

I enjoyed that day and I believe Inigo also! It was a win win for both of us and I am currently looking to joining one of Mamacademy’s workshops again. I was not the only one who brought kids, we were 4 Mommies who was there with kids!

For all the mommies out there, go ahead and be proud to bring your babies/kids in the seminar! Do not let anything stop you from learning.  Let this be a reminder that you can do everything!




What To Do When Your Toddler Hits His Playmate

What To Do When Your Toddler Hits His Playmate



For all the people who follows my blog, you really know that my main concern with Inigo is his aggressiveness. By this age of 31 months now, he is 97% out of his aggressive phase, sometimes there are still times that due to excitement or frustrations, he still hit or pull his playmate’s hair. The last time was around a week ago, where he was playing with his favorite playmate, Lexie. They were playing with sticks they found in the playground, Inigo left it and suddenly Lexie pick it up and she doesn’t want to give it back to Inigo, thus the pulling of hair. I saw that, because I was within 20 steps, I was just too confident that I let my guard off.

So what to do?

  1. Run to the situation and ask what happened while comforting the playmate that got hurt.

We need to ask what really happened so that we know what is the trigger. Once we know the situation, we can properly explain to our child what he did wrong, that it was painful and from that, we can extract a sincere apology from him.

  1. Let your child apologize and make them hug.

I really make it to a point that my child say sorry so he would know he was wrong and for the playmate to feel that it was a mistake and to make him/her feel better. Acknowledging that the other child is wrong makes the hurt one feelings validated. Another powerful tool is hugging to make them feel that it’s all okay now and a great reparation. Trust me, this is an effective way to make amends with the kids, a lot of situation that I have encountered, the apology and hug make the kids move on and continue playing

  1. Let your child play again but this time, be on guard.

I already tried isolating Inigo everytime he does something wrong and telling him that we will stop playing because he did hurt someone. Trust me in this one, IT DOESN’T HELP. Your child will only feel lonelier and it doesn’t really make them think of the consequences as much as you think they will. They will just sulk in the sadness, and that sadness adds up to their frustrations. So let him play again but be on guard because he might strike again. I let him play but I always remind him in a very loving ang gentle way that his hands are not for hurting.

  1. Look for the parent/guardian and apologize in behalf of your kid

When a child is hurt, so thus the parent, so it’s our responsibilities to say sorry. Even though it’s child’s play and what happened is unintentional or an accident, the parents need an apology. I always make sure that after making amends with the kids, I find the responsible caretaker, whether it’s the parents or the yaya, I say my sincerest apology. My son was also hurt by other kids and I know that feeling. As long as the parents are aware that their kid did wrong and making sure that the actions were not in vain, then I think any parents will be okay knowing that we are doing our best to correct our kids, because it’s our duty.


  1. Talk to him before sleeping.

I learned this from my sister in law, she always talks to her child before sleeping, all the good and bad things, they discuss. If good, she praises and if bad, instead of shaming the kids or telling him that what he/she did is bad, she tells her a better way of coping up. During the night, before we go to sleep, I remind Inigo that what he did is not nice, and that caused his playmate to cry and to never do that again. In the case of the sticks, I tell him instead of pulling her hair, he can tell her that those sticks were his and if she can not give it to him, he can always run to me and together, we can find new sticks.



Recently, I talked to some parents that are my friends and it’s common for them to use the word BULLY. I hate stereotyping as much as labeling the things that children do unintentionally. I told them that there are kids that were born as calm and there were kids that were born like mine, not a bully, but sometimes prone to aggressiveness when frustrated. In our in laws house, we do not LABEL BAD THINGS to our kids, because we believe with the power of the words. Anything you say to your kid, bad or good, will be imbibed until they grow up and unconsciously become what we say they are. Be careful with your words.

  1. Breathe in mommy, it will pass

I know the feeling, that you blame yourself and you feel that you did not do your best. But then mommy, it’s just a phase, so don’t fret. As long as we are proactively doing our best towards disciplining our child, then rest assured, everything will be okay.


Trust me, it’s been more than a year that Inigo has been in his aggressiveness stage, although we are not yet 100% out of this dark phase, we are 97% there! Slow progress is still a progress! Cheers mommy! We can do anything with love, patience and a lot of milktea!

Burnt out
Motherhood, Realizations

An open letter to the Burnt Out Mommy

I know you love motherhood but sometimes it is really exhausting and it’s okay to admit it is.

Times had changed and being a mother is not the only thing a woman want.

We want to be something else too while being a mother.

Our heart is telling us to be content with being a mother but our mind is also telling us, wait girl, we can do more than that!

Our situation tells us that we can not leave our tiny little babies to any other people but our desire is to have a mom-cation just for 2-4 hours is always there.

Our needs tells us that we have more than enough but our wants tells us we can have more.

Our body tells us that we need to eat more to keep our energy high as our toddler but our diet tells us “oh no you don’t”.

Our time tells us we don’t have time for anything else but our curiosity tells us otherwise.

Our season tells us that we should enjoy all the phase of motherhood but our inner fierce lioness want to break the stereotypes.

There are a lot of battles and demons we fight everyday that no one knows about, because we are afraid to be judged, to be criticized or to be told otherwise.

We keep it to ourselves to the point where our everyday life is affected and we blame it to the stress or tiredness of being a mother.

We keep our battles inside to the point that the pain, anxiety, worries never gets healed or answered.

We get so diverted with the needs of everyone us that we disregard our own needs, thinking that our family need us more than we need to heal ourselves.

These battles are the battles that we fight during the wee hours of the night alone, while everyone thinks we waste our time scrolling in social media, we actually talk to our self, internalize and look for things that will help us get better without trying to get help, because we know who we are, strong independent mommas!

But you know what? There will come a time and we will explode and after that, what happens?

The sudden burst of suppressed emotions is so overwhelming because you really don’t know where it started thus it’s really hard to solve.

You don’t know where to start!

You start feeling exhausted and no comfort food can even make you feel refreshed.

You feel you need sleep even though you slept for good 6-8 hours.

You feel that you are existing but not living.

You feel that this is the life? Is this really it?

You feel so sad yet thankful for the life you have.

You feel guilty for feeling this way.

You feel that it’s unfair for your child for you to feel this way because he is so innocent and brings you so much joy.

But what can we do?


Mommy, you are not alone.

I am a mommy too and I don’t know what to do too.

I want to reset, i want to be better, i want to be the best mom to my son but there are BAD DAYS.

Wherein you just cant seem to be yourself.

I guess because motherhood is often overwhelming that we usually fall off from the fast paced journey.

Do not worry mommy, these DARK AND BAD DAYS will pass too.

Hold on to the promise that tomorrow is always a chance for us to be better, for the feelings to get lighter and for our situation to get better.

Do not give up, do not lose hope, because our family is counting on us!

Stay at home mom

Tips for Yayaless Stay-at-Home Moms with a Toddler

Nowadays, finding a helper is really hard. Second, trusting them to take care of your baby is not an easy task. In my experience, I had a hard time looking for a replacement when our helper decided to not to work for us anymore. I felt bad about it and took it personally as I always do. I asked myself what I did wrong that made her decide to stop serving us anymore. We had beautiful plans together, sending her brothers to school first and enrolling her next. After a month, it dawned to me that whatever I did, I know I did best so I wished that the next family she will serve will treat here as a family member too.

At first, my in-laws were helping me cope up. We hired a labadera and plantsadora for Inigo’s clothes and mine. It was such a great help in my part since those household chores took so much time off me.

Then I moved back to Manila alone. It was supposed to be just a vacation and I needed to look for new tenants for our condo. I ended up loving the city life and not wanting to go back to the province again. Luckily, my partner supported my decision but just worried on how I can do all things alone. It was hard for the first two weeks. When you do all the chores from taking care of your toddler, cooking your food, cleaning the house, ironing and laundry. Good thing it only took 2 weeks to get me accustomed to my new life in the city with a toddler without any help.

But I realized that there are ways to make our yaya-less life easier.


This my favorite and my best-est friend in the whole house. It makes my life so easy! Imagine, just sorting out the laundry, putting it inside, adding soap, putting fabric conditioner in the designated place and pressing the appropriate button are all I need to do! After waiting for the laundry cycle to be completed, which will take 45-60 minutes, I have that whole time to attend to other needs. Another factor is, I can do laundry while he’s awake too! Invest in a good washing machine and I promise you, it’s worth it!


We women think that we should be superheroes, that we should be able to juggle all things at the same time. I thought that it’s with a proper time management and discipline, all things can be perfectly arranged in our home… BUT NO, NO! Living with a toddler, takes too much of our time and energy that sometimes the dishes pile up in the sink, the drawers are not neatly organized and a lot of other things are not done during the day. DON’T stress my dear! A day full of unfinished tasks doesn’t equate how good of a mother you are. What really matters are the memories that you make with your children. That really makes an impact on how they grow up.


As a strong independent woman I used to be, asking for help/favors meaning I was not strong enough to provide for myself. When I moved back to Manila, I tried my best to not need anyone until came such time that I rode a taxi going back home and Inigo fell asleep while in the car. I had too much things with me, I had to put Inigo to his stroller so I can bring all the things I bought up to my unit. So, when I arrived in the lobby, the guard opened the door and I asked him if he could unload my things from the trunk and if he can unfold the stroller for Inigo. It was such a hard thing to do since my stroller my tri-fold but I thank him for his patience and he successfully opened it and I placed Inigo inside his stroller. I asked him too to come up with me, which he did nonchalantly. We arrived in our unit and gave him a beverage as a way of my thank you.

See, that day I realized that it’s okay to ask help from time to time. It’s not really for you, but in this very example, it’s for the comfort of my son. We, as mothers, prioritize our child’s comfort the most. So mommies out there, do not hesitate to ask help! Some are just happy to help us! It’s not easy being an all-around mother! (I really do wonder how our older generations did it!)


This applies to you and your baby’s food. When the little one is asleep, I normally cook food, segregate it, label it and just reheat it when the time comes! It really helps to stuck up some pasta sauces and chicken broth soup for our babies. On our viand list, adobo is always a good idea.


When we are in a budget, it really takes a lot of the budget if we opt for always ordering food BUT, once in a while is okay. When you feel that your day is so stressful and exhausting, it’s so nice to think that we can call anytime of the day to order our favorite food! Imagine good food that YOU DID not cook! Such a mood booster right? Go dial your favorite restaurant and ask for a delivery.


When I discovered it, there was no turning back! Their concierge fee of Php99 is nothing compared to the stress of going to the supermarket and negotiating to your toddler that they only need one Kinder egg! Based on my experience, using this app made my budgeting easier since I do not see things that I don’t need! Plus beating the traffic is always an eargasm, right?


I am not techy but I am tamad. I rarely go out and I was like this ever since. I enjoy the comfort of my home. I have a Globe Broadband and I just pay online. They have no hidden charges, it takes only 5 minutes of my time and guess what? No more falling in line!


This is so convenient especially when you need something from a family or you need something delivered to a friend/family member. We never need to brave storms just to get or send some important things like documents, homemade food, toys and a lot more. It saves us time and the convenience of having everything in control with the palm of your hands.


I am always a friendly woman. I talk to all the types of people. My favorite people to talk to in our condominium are the guards and the maids, you want to know why? They know everything and they know a lot of people who can be of use to us! I asked around for a stay out helper and it did finally come to me! They charge 350 per day, I call them once a week just for general cleaning. It saves so much effort and I can thoroughly enjoy the day with my son without thinking if the house looks a mess!


I am often at awe how babies can respond at an early age. Right now, Inigo is 22 months old and can understand a lot. Whenever I need to do something, I tell him that I need to do it and he can go and play at his play area. While I do my laundry, I see my little one peeking if Mama is still there. While I do fold the new dried laundry, he goes and tries to fold it, though he often does not help me, I enjoy the smiles whenever he thinks he is helping. Whenever I cook breakfast, I tell him that he needs to wait at his highchair while watching Youtube. He often glances at me, I tell him that I am still cooking and he’s there waiting patiently. Talking to your toddler makes him understand what is happening and also beneficial for his language development.


I often feel guilty every time I see someone post about the effects of screen time to the babies. They say a lot of negative things, but honestly? What can I do? There are times that my routine fails, my time is inefficiently managed and my battery is empty. YouTube is the easiest and most effective way to make the kid quiet or happy. I really do feel the guilt but I make sure that I limit it. I make sure that we still have a balanced routine. I still try not to be dependent on it. We still play, color, paint, read a book, build lego, slide, talk, tickle, and go outdoors and bond. Don’t feel bad momma, I believe it’s just a phase. If giving an hour of YouTube to your little one buys you sleep when you really feel you’re having fever, then go ahead. If giving them YouTube will help you finish cooking your meals and assuring you that accidents won’t happen since he is too preoccupied, then go ahead. If giving them 30 minutes of YouTube makes you not snap on them because of the mess or tantrums they did, then go ahead. What’s important here is, I believe, we mommies wouldn’t like our babies to be screen dependent, who does right? BUT sometimes, we just can’t handle everything at once right? Do not feel bad mommy, a day is not a valid measurement of how great of a mother we are.

We often forget what is important, which is YOU, MOMMY.

US mothers.

We often forget that we also need to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally. These tips will help you to go by while your angel AKA Yaya is not yet found. Again, don’t hesitate to ask help and accept that parenting is not always a perfect day! Take it day by day and just enjoy the roller coaster ride that comes with raising toddlers!