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My Birthday Dinner using EATIGO

Gone were the days where I celebrated my birthday by partying!

I remember when I was still single, I usually book a hotel room for party and party until the morning light peeks in! When I became a mother, I never saw myself partying again, I would rather sleep! Who can relate?

So as my birthday was nearing up

I searched for the best buffet around town or the best deals for my birthday dinner! I realized that I do not like buffet and I opted for Korean Food! Then a friend of mine, introduced me to this App called


This app allows you to book for a restaurant that offers a discounted menu for a certain time.

This is the app,  an example is this, if you are only 2 persons, the full discount you can get is 50%! Imagine that, perfect for a date night! If you are more than 2 people, the maximum that you can get is 30% off! Not bad, either right?


Birthday Dinner

I was really craving for authentic Korean so I chose JinJoo Restaurant at the Podium. I invited my family and that’s it! Called them before hand to let them know, and upon checking the system, my booking is confirmed!

Birthday Dinner

Eatigo is so much better than Metrodeal, wherein you DO NOT NEED A VOUCHER and you can use it as early as an hour after your appointment! Less hassle in life always sounds good to me.

Side note though, the SERVICE CHARGE IS NOT DISCOUNTED. I will show you a receipt and look how much we saved! Knowing that I got 30% off
the price.

Birthday Dinner

I ordered my heart away and never regretted anything! We were not able to take a picture of it because the food was too good, and we savoured it in an instant. Here are some of the pictures of the food that I was able to take a picture, my favorite is the Mul Naengmyun (Cold Noodles). I usually check the menu before I go to restaurants to see if what I really craved for is available.

After eating, we head to Starbucks

this is my birthday tradition, to go get my FREE BIRTHDAY CAKE.

Yup, if it’s your birthday and you have a registered Starbucks card, they will give you a slice of cake for free!

Birthday Dinner

Then we had coffee while Inigo headed to Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory for ice cream and let me tell you, it was really good!

Birthday Dinner

Then a funny story happened, I usually buy him Royce Choclate Nama variant. But before we buy, I take advantage of the free taste and let him taste too, to make the experience all together. So we took 2 free taste, bought one, went to our table and gave him 2 slices. I told him that’s what he will get tonight and I will give him tomorrow.

He perfectly understood what I meant and left me alone. He ran back to Royce and our nanny followed him, just watching him from a distance, you know what he did? HE NEVER LEFT THE ROYCE STORE UNTIL HE GOT A FREE TASTE! When he received the chocolate, he came back running, saying “Mama, CHOC-WIT” (chocolate). Everyone was bursting in laughter! I knew from then on, my little one will grow to be a very “madiskarte”

(street-smart) boy!

Birthday Dinner

We went home full, happy and grateful. How did you spend your birthday this year, mommy?

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