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An open letter to the Burnt Out Mommy

I know you love motherhood but sometimes it is really exhausting and it’s okay to admit it is.

Times had changed and being a mother is not the only thing a woman want.

We want to be something else too while being a mother.

Our heart is telling us to be content with being a mother but our mind is also telling us, wait girl, we can do more than that!

Our situation tells us that we can not leave our tiny little babies to any other people but our desire is to have a mom-cation just for 2-4 hours is always there.

Our needs tells us that we have more than enough but our wants tells us we can have more.

Our body tells us that we need to eat more to keep our energy high as our toddler but our diet tells us “oh no you don’t”.

Our time tells us we don’t have time for anything else but our curiosity tells us otherwise.

Our season tells us that we should enjoy all the phase of motherhood but our inner fierce lioness want to break the stereotypes.

There are a lot of battles and demons we fight everyday that no one knows about, because we are afraid to be judged, to be criticized or to be told otherwise.

We keep it to ourselves to the point where our everyday life is affected and we blame it to the stress or tiredness of being a mother.

We keep our battles inside to the point that the pain, anxiety, worries never gets healed or answered.

We get so diverted with the needs of everyone us that we disregard our own needs, thinking that our family need us more than we need to heal ourselves.

These battles are the battles that we fight during the wee hours of the night alone, while everyone thinks we waste our time scrolling in social media, we actually talk to our self, internalize and look for things that will help us get better without trying to get help, because we know who we are, strong independent mommas!

But you know what? There will come a time and we will explode and after that, what happens?

The sudden burst of suppressed emotions is so overwhelming because you really don’t know where it started thus it’s really hard to solve.

You don’t know where to start!

You start feeling exhausted and no comfort food can even make you feel refreshed.

You feel you need sleep even though you slept for good 6-8 hours.

You feel that you are existing but not living.

You feel that this is the life? Is this really it?

You feel so sad yet thankful for the life you have.

You feel guilty for feeling this way.

You feel that it’s unfair for your child for you to feel this way because he is so innocent and brings you so much joy.

But what can we do?


Mommy, you are not alone.

I am a mommy too and I don’t know what to do too.

I want to reset, i want to be better, i want to be the best mom to my son but there are BAD DAYS.

Wherein you just cant seem to be yourself.

I guess because motherhood is often overwhelming that we usually fall off from the fast paced journey.

Do not worry mommy, these DARK AND BAD DAYS will pass too.

Hold on to the promise that tomorrow is always a chance for us to be better, for the feelings to get lighter and for our situation to get better.

Do not give up, do not lose hope, because our family is counting on us!

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