I never planned to be a mother. In fact, my mother was worried that she would never have a grandchild from me. Fast forward. I met my partner Rene when my life was a pandemonium. He helped me be a better version of myself and made me believe that love doesn’t really need to have that super intense feeling of butterflies in your stomach. Love is a feeling formed by trust and commitment. For the first time, I wanted to have a family because I really thought that Rene would be a good and dotting father. I was not ready, but my heart truly wished for a family when we first went to Padre Pio Church.
We were blessed with a healthy baby boy named Inigo and that’s where our life started to have more meaning. Although our life as parents weren’t easy, having Inigo by our side was a guiding light when our paths were on crossroads. A baby is really a blessing and I will never trade my life right now for anything else.
I am a full-time stay-at-home mother to a wonderful 2-year old boy and wife to a Chef living abroad. I may not know where I will be and what I want to be in the future, but one thing is for sure: I want to keep evolving in this fast-paced life to be a better person to my family.
This blog is about all the adventures and discoveries I made in this journey called motherhood. I love sharing tips that I learned, things that I find useful, recipes that are proven delicious, sentiments about current events and reflections during “me time” that I ended up pondering upon.
Motherhood never comes with an instruction booklet. It’s more unpredictable than a roller coaster ride, but one thing’s for sure: this is the ride of our life that we will never regret.
Let’s discover motherhood together and unearth the reformed versions of ourselves.

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