Pregnancy Ultrasound

3D ULTRASOUND : Best time to do it and How to Do IT!

We all now live in a wonderful world

where technology really helps us bring the future near us! For example, a decade ago, we could only see the baby’s facial features when he is born! But now they are offering 4D scan wherein the baby’s features are so vivid, it actually looks the same when your baby comes out!

Pregnancy Ultrasound

As a first time mom, I knew that I should have it! Though it was expensive, I sent messages to my friends who had this inquiring if this is really worth it. Everyone said yes, it is, so yes I should! I researched for the cheapest deal I could find! I saw that time that Metrodeal was offering a 4D ultrasound at Robinson’s Ermita. I thought that it was the cheapest, but then I thought of the place, it was chaotic and crowded for me and the taxi line was always slow moving, so I kept on researching until I found this ultrasound in The Podium, which is nearer our place.


Though it’s price was around 300-400 pesos higher, I thoroughly thought about it and called them asking what if my baby will not cooperate, what would happen? They said that I could come back whenever I want to.

According to the internet, the best time to do 3D/4D ultrasound is around 27-29 weeks since
the baby is fully developed and there’s still a lot of room to move. I went in 28 weeks 3 days.

I chose WOMB (World of My Baby) in the Podium and had an appointment set to the time where I feel INIGO was the most active. Usually, Inigo was very quiet and barely moved so I chose 2PM. As we arrived, we were accommodated by the receptionist to the relaxing, clean and tranquil facility. We arrived 15 minutes earlier and there was still a patient inside. We were handed the form to be accomplished and they asked us to wait for our turn as they gave us a list of their packages. We opted for the cheapest package that includes 5 thermal prints,4 5R colored photos and OB diagnostic report.

Pregnancy Ultrasound

We were called in and the doctor was very calm, witty and patient. She kept on looking for Inigo since he was hiding, and they played different kinds of music but to no avail. After 15 minutes, we decided to have an hour break to have some lunch since the doctor said when the baby is full, they are more active inside the womb. We went grabbed some lunch at the Japanese Restaurant and while I was waiting for the food, I googled what I could do to make the baby more active. They said that drinking something sweet would make the baby move. This is the only time Rene approved I drink juice. I thought I could have iced tea but we ended up buying fresh juice! ACO juice to be exact!
Still, we were happy and excited to see the facial features of our son!

So we were welcomed again, then they started the procedure, putting some gel to help the device move smoothly. They started ringing their small bell to stimulate the baby, still it did not work. We were talking to him asking him to come out since he was covering his face all the time. The OBGYNE asked her assistant to play classical music, Inigo apparently liked it so much and slept more, he even pushed his face at my pelvis, hindering us to see him even more! Tapos nilabas ang RIHANNA! AYAN NA SIYA! Everyone was laughing! He suddenly moved and showed his face! (P.S Ireally liked listening to Rihanna’s Anti Album when I was pregnant)

The OBGYNE told us that probably, Inigo’s eyes were chinky like his dad, POINTED NOSE (DAPAT LANG) and the pouty mouth probably from mommy daw! He was so precious. No picture taking was allowed inside, oo nga naman, paano sila kikita dba? Every cute picture was captured while explaining that everything looks normal. They even told us that Inigo has a complete sets of toe and finger, He was so cute… I wanted to pinch him! HAHAHA.
As you can see in my pictures, Inigo’s facial features were not as smooth looking like other 3D pics. The doctor told me it’s because my placenta was Anterior Placenta, meaning the placenta was attached in front of the uterus, thus covering Inigo that’s why it was not that vivid. Overall, I would recommend every pregnant mom out there to get if they can! I believe that these kinds of memories are here to stay. I am typing this 2 years after, but it is still fresh! Time flies fast mommies and we can never remember how it felt like being pregnant, or remember how it was
carrying our child since our days become so preoccupied. But these pictures will always be there to
remind us how beautifully God made our body to carry these little angels!

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